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How to Change Region in Marvel Snap

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Image Source: Second Dinner

How to Change Region in Marvel Snap

So close, yet so far.

While Second Dinner has been rather tight-lipped about how servers and matchmaking work in Marvel Snap, over the past few months it’s become apparent that players are broken up into various shards when matching with each other. With Battle Mode coming into play, you may be wondering how you can change your region in Marvel Snap. Here’s what you need to know.

Can You Change Region in Marvel Snap?

At the time of writing, no, you cannot manually change your region in Marvel Snap. However, Second Dinner has stated on their Discord server that they are working on including that option in the game. This will allow players to set their regions to the same one as their friends, allowing them to match up more easily in ranked mode, and also play Battle Mode together.

Right now, all you can do is check your own region in the game. When you boot up Marvel Snap, tap on the little arcade icon at the bottom of the screen and select Friendly Battle.

checking region in marvel snap
Image Source: Second Dinner via Twinfinite

In the lower half of the screen, you’ll see your own region. This will let you know whether you’ll be able to match up with your own friends or not. Unfortunately, if you’re in different regions, you won’t be able to play against each other in Battle Mode.

That’s all you need to know about how to change region in Marvel Snap. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more tips and information on the game.

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