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How Many Floors Are in Luck be a Landlord

Luck be a Landlord Slot Machine
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How Many Floors Are in Luck be a Landlord

If you’re wondering how many floors are in Luck be a Landlord, here is the answer.

Luck be a Landlord is a roguelike game in which you use deckbuilding mechanics to improve your slot machine as you try to spin your way into more money before you can no longer pay rent. After each spin, you can add symbols to your slot machine that have different effects, some synergizing with other symbols in the slot machine. After a set number of spins, you have to pay rent to the landlord. This quirky satirical roguelike pokes fun at the idea of rent and the grind of working, challenging you to defeat capitalism. To aid you on that quest, here’s an explanation of floors and how many floors are in Luck be a Landlord.

Luck be a Landlord – How Many Floors are There?

In total there are 20 floors in Luck be a Landlord. Once you’ve paid your rent a total of twelve times, you win the game and you unlock the next ‘Floor’. Floors are one of the mechanics by which the game adds extra difficulty to your runs, along with Endless Mode. These floors modify the base gameplay in various ways, from adding more money to certain rent payments to adding more “duds” to your slot machine, making it so that you earn 0 money for their appearance and taking up symbol space on your machine.

In general, floors add different ways to make your runs harder, with each floor effect stacking with or building upon previous floor effects. Some of these effects just enhance the effects of previous floors, adding more duds or more times you have to pay extra rent.

Floor 20 introduces effects that include reducing the number of tokens you get from emails. There is also an additional floor effect on the 10th floor in which the game ends with a boss fight against the Landlord himself who you will need to defeat if you want to win this run. You attack this boss by reducing his health with your spins, much like you’ve been making money throughout the rest of the game. Some of the floor effects also include granting the Landlord more health or increasing the amount of fine print the boss uses.

So, that’s how many floors are in Luck be a Landlord. If you need help with other deckbuilding games Twinfinite also has more guides, like how to beat the heart in Slay the Spire or how to complete Strange Memories Doctor Strange challenge in Midnight Suns.

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