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Wendigo GL3 Grenade Launcher: How To Get & What The God Roll Is In Destiny 2

Destiny 2

Wendigo GL3 Grenade Launcher: How To Get & What The God Roll Is In Destiny 2

This is a must-have Grenade Launcher.

The Wendigo GL3 Grenade Launcher has returned to the loot pool once again in Destiny 2. Previously, it was a pinnacle reward during the Shadowkeep DLC, but it was sunset during the Beyond Light DLC. Now, in Season of the Seraph, it has returned once again for Guardians to hunt for. So today, let’s discuss how to get the Wendigo GL3 Grenade Launcher & what the God Roll for it is in Destiny 2.

How To Obtain The Wendigo GL3 In Destiny 2

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To obtain the Wendigo Gl3, you’ll need to earn one from a Nightfall strike. Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait until the weapon becomes featured in a given week for you to do so. Once it does, upper-tier Nightfalls, Master and Grandmaster, will provide you with the highest chance of having one drop.

Playing a Grandmaster Nightfall will offer an Adept version of the Wendigo as well, so for those who prefer the endgame grind, picking up an Adept Wendigo will be well worth the effort.

What is the God Roll for the Wendigo GL3?

With a Wendigo acquired, it’s time to discuss God Rolls for it. The Wendigo has been updated with many new perks since its previous debut, but only one pair can be considered the God Roll for the weapon. The God Roll you should look for is Auto Loading Holster and Explosive Light.

Auto Loading Holster will automatically reload the weapon after a short duration when you stow it. On the other hand, Explosive Light will grant increased damage when you pick an Orb of Power, and this is by far one of the best pairings of perks for high DPS. If Grenade Launchers receive a buff heading into Lightfall, you’ll want a Wendigo.

That’s everything you need to know on how to get the Wendigo GL3 Grenade Launcher in Destiny 2. Be sure to check out our latest Destiny 2 guides, like how to complete the Trial by Firing Squad challenge or what the best weapons for PvP are.

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