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How to Make Eliksni Birdseed Recipe in Destiny 2 Dawning 2022


How to Make Eliksni Birdseed Recipe in Destiny 2 Dawning 2022

Eliksni Birdseed for our beloved Hawthorne!

Destiny 2’s Dawning event has just been released and returns the mechanic where players can bake items in Eva’s Holiday Oven for rewards. What you’ll eventually need is Eliksni Birdseed. Here’s how to make Eliksni Birdseed in Destiny 2’s Dawning event and what the recipe is. 

How to Make Eliksni Birdseed in Destiny 2

For the Eliksni Birdseed recipe, players will need to collect ingredients spread throughout the worlds of Destiny 2. To be exact, you’ll need:

The first part of the recipe for Eliksni Birdseed is to get your hands on some Ether Cane. Ether Cane can be found by defeating Fallen enemies anywhere in the system.

One of the best places to find Fallen is in the Trostland in the EDZ. The area around the Cathedral in particular is full of large groups of Fallen who respawn quickly.

The next ingredient you will need to find some Personal Touch. Personal Touch can be found by defeating any enemy with a melee attack. This can also be completed quickly in the Trostland in the EDZ.

The final ingredient players will need to get is Essence of Dawning. To find Essence of Dawning, players will need to complete Eva’s daily bounties that can be picked up from her at the tower.

After you have collected all three ingredients you can take them to Eva’s Holiday Oven to bake. Once you have placed all the ingredients in the oven you will receive Eliksni Birdseed which should be turned into Hawthorne.

That’s all you need to know for how to get Eliksni Birdseed in Destiny 2. You can check out more of our Dawning ingredient and recipe guides below.

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