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How To Make Wood in Little Alchemy 2

Wood in Little Alchemy 2
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How To Make Wood in Little Alchemy 2

Use the power of the elements to make Wood in Little Alchemy 2.

The popular crafting game Little Alchemy 2 has a wide variety of items that players can use to forge a whole new world. However, simple objects like Bicycles and Paper can be challenging to make since you’ll need to build items from scratch. In this guide, we’ll focus on how to make Wood in Little Alchemy 2 to expand your collection.

Making Wood in Little Alchemy 2

At the beginning of Little Alchemy 2, players will obtain the four elements: Air, Earth, Fire, and Water. You’ll eventually acquire more items as time progresses, but you’ll need to experiment with these objects to get the right materials. So, without further ado, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make Wood in Little Alchemy 2:

How to Make Wood in Little Alchemy 2

  1. Open Little Alchemy 2

    The Four Elements of Little Alchemy 2

  2. Use two Fires to make Energy.

  3. Combine two Waters to create a Puddle.

  4. Add three more Waters to make a Sea.

    Making a Sea in Little Alchemy 2

  5. Drag over the Earth element to the Sea.

    Earth and Sea items will produce the Primordial Soup in Little Alchemy 2.

  6. Combine the Primordial Soup to create Life.

    Creating Life in Little Alchemy 2

  7. Add a Fire to the Life element to make a Phoenix.

  8. Use another Phoenix to construct an Egg.

  9. Combine three Earths to produce a Continent.

  10. Mix two Continents to build a Planet.

    Creating a Planet in Little Alchemy 2

  11. Drag over the Air element to the Planet.

    When users combine Air and Planet, they will obtain Atmosphere.

  12. Make Rain by adding two Waters to the Atmosphere.

  13. Combine Life and Earth to produce Soil.

    Making Soil in Little Alchemy 2

  14. Mix Rain and Soil to form a Plant.

  15. Drag over an Earth and a Fire to forge Lava.

    Forging Lava in Little Alchemy 2

  16. Use Air on Lava to create Stone.

  17. Utilize another Stone to assemble a Wall.

  18. Add in a second Wall to build a House.

  19. Make a Metal with Stone and Fire.

    Making Metal in Little Alchemy 2

  20. Drag over two Earths to the Metal.

    Once you put Earth and Metal together, it will manufacture a Plow. Then, users can add another Earth to make a Field.

  21. Mix Metal and Stone to forge a Blade.

    Forging a Blade in Little Alchemy 2

  22. Use a Metal with the Blade to craft a Sword.

  23. Combine the Egg, House, and Field on the board to make a Chicken.

    Add in the Field with the House first to build a Barn. Next, mix the Barn with the Egg to form a Chicken in Little Alchemy 2.

  24. Utilize another Egg with the Chicken to assemble Philosophy.

    Creating Philosophy in Little Alchemy 2

  25. Drag over a Planet to the Philosophy to mold a Big.

  26. Create a Tree by mixing the Big with a Plant.

  27. Combine the Sword with the Tree to make Wood.

Now that you’ve made Wood in Little Alchemy 2, you can mix it with items to create more materials, such as Pencils, Snowboards, and Fences.

That does it for our guide about how to make Wood in Little Alchemy 2. If you want to make other objects in the game, you can check our God, Nerd, Moon, and Grass guides. Be sure to also look at the relevant links below to view additional Little Alchemy content.

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