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What Does the Stranger’s Spell To Heal the Tree in the Rings of Power Mean? Explained


What Does the Stranger’s Spell To Heal the Tree in the Rings of Power Mean? Explained

What does the stranger’s spell mean in episode 7?

The Stranger possess powerful magic, and he uses it again in a Rings of Power episode titled The Eye. His magic requires spoken spells in Elvish and he utters the words envinyata, a kuite, and lote while healing a tree. Here’s everything you need to know on what this spell means in The Rings of Power.

What Do Envinyata, A Kuite, and Lote Mean in Rings of Power?

In Elvish, A Envinyata means heal, lote means flower, and a kuita means live. A volcanic eruption in the Southlands destroyed a perfectly good orchard where the Harfoots were planning to camp. The things the Stranger says in Rings of Power are casting a healing spell on the tree to help them out. He also refers to the tree as a flower, which explains the flower is taken by the white robed figures, and ends up reviving the entire orchard.

The Harfoots are grateful for the help and give him advice on finding the constellation he seeks. Unfortunately, the orchard is burned down again by the white-robed figures after Nori tries to talk to them, leaving the Harfoots short on food. Assuming that the figures mean the Stranger harm too, the Harfoots send a small party to warn him that the mysterious figures are hunting him.

That’s all we have on what the words in the Stranger’s spell mean in Rings of Power. Check out some of our other Rings of Power content, like the Rings of Power budget and where the stranger is from.  

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