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What Are Bond’s Powers in Spy x Family? Explained

What Are Bond's Powers in Spy x Family? Explained

What Are Bond’s Powers in Spy x Family? Explained

Here’s an explainer for what Bond’s powers are in Spy x Family.

The addition of Bond to the Forger clan in Spy x Family is a worthwhile wrinkle to the plot, not least of which because of his special abilities. Host to just as many secret abilities as any of the other family members, he’s more than capable of helping them solve extraordinary problems in the blink of an eye. With all this in mind though, a question does arise: What are Bond’s powers in Spy x Family, and how do they play into the larger plot of the series’ story?

Fortunately, we’re here with this explainer guide to shed some light on the topic.

What Powers Does Bond Have in Spy x Family? Explained

As it currently stands, Bond’s powers in Spy x Family fall under two key designations; those being super intelligence and the ability to see into the most likely future.

Both are the result of being a test subject in Project Apple, a secret initiative by the former Ostanian government to create super intelligent animals for military purposes. Though its overall results were minimal at best and only produced a scant few successes, Bond is arguably the animal who benefited the most from said experiments. He’s now about as intelligent as a human being, and his ability to see into the future allows him to help prevent tragedies that would otherwise befall people.

However, these abilities also come with disadvantages he has to work around. His intelligence doesn’t extend to his ability to communicate, meaning most people still only take him to be an unusually smart dog. This is why Anya is the only one who can fully grasp how smart he is, as her telepathy allows her to read his thoughts and understand exactly how much he comprehends about the world around him.

His precognition, meanwhile, only gives him a glimpse at what the future holds, and he then must work out what will cause good or bad events to occur. This leaves him unable to firmly figure out what the best course of action is until he discovers clues that point to an outcome occurring.

Are Bond’s Powers Linked to Anya’s in Some Way?

As for what these powers mean for the larger narrative of Spy x Family, it’s still unclear at best.

Upon meeting him and realizing he can see into the future, Anya remarks that his powers are similar to her telepathic abilities. Since then though, little has been revealed about what specifically caused them during Project Apple and whether or not it could be linked to how Anya gained her own special abilities.

As such, all we can really do is continue to follow the series and wait for more revelations to come to light. Should any occur, we’ll be sure to update this guide with the relevant information.

Hopefully this cleared up what Bond’s powers are in Spy x Family. For more on the series, check out any of the related articles down below. We’ve also got plenty of other anime related content to check out, including lists of the best fights in anime and the best anime villains.

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