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24 Best Anime Fights of All Time


24 Best Anime Fights of All Time

Anime fisticuffs.

By fist, blade, or fighting spirit-fueled drill, there’s something enthralling about a good fight in anime. Since the medium was first created, we’ve seen a number of great fights, but these ones, in particular, are among the best anime fights of all time.

Oftentimes representing the climax of an arc or storyline, it culminates everything the viewer has invested themselves in, with wills and ideologies on the line along with the characters’ lives.

Common sense goes out the window as each new attack tears through the air, sometimes as the swing of a sword and other times as a cataclysmic laser meant to rend the planet in half.

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Warning: Spoilers for multiple series ahead.

Asuka Vs. The Mass Production Evangelions (The End of Evangelion)

Best Anime Fights of All Time

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For all of the guff the End of Evangelion movies get from fans, it’s undeniable that the battle between EVA Unit 02 pilot Asuka Langley and the Mass Production Evangelions is amazing.

Produced in secret by Seele, the mass production models stand between the survival of Nerve Headquarters and the end of the world, and as the only EVA pilot still standing after the events of the series, Asuka has no choice but to give it her all in one last push.

Utilizing not only the brute strength and defenses of her EVA unit, but also the weapons of her enemies, Asuka proves definitively that she was meant to be a pilot in a stunning display of technique, strategy, and ferocity… making it all the more heartbreaking when the final blow of the battle is dealt.

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