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How to Score Free Kicks in FIFA 23

How to Score Free Kicks in FIFA 23

How to Score Free Kicks in FIFA 23

Ready to score some free kicks in FIFA 23? Let us help.

With FIFA 23 now out in the wild, the gaming world is once more home to the Beautiful Game. EA Sports has more than created yet another excellent entry for the franchise, it has also made sure to tweak certain things that were irking players of the past. For those that are wondering just how to score free kicks in FIFA 23, here’s what you’ll need to know about the new system.

How to Take & Score Free Kicks in FIFA 23

Similar to penalties, the set piece routine when it comes to free kicks has been overhauled in FIFA 23, among many new features. It is certainly a much more involved process now, with players being able to adjust where they strike the ball for different shots, and choosing the right direction and power for a chance of success.

Free Kick FIFA 23

Adjusting the position where the ball is struck using the right stick can lead to normal inside foot curlers, outside foot shots, or even a knuckleball attempt. As for getting some height to beat the wall, it has more to do with the power gauge than anything else.

Here’s a handy guide on where to aim the reticle for the desired shots:

Type of ShotLeft-footed PlayerRight-footed Player
Inside Foot CurledLower leftLower right
Outside Foot CurledLower rightLower left
KnuckleballBelow the centerBelow the center
Straight LowAbove the centerAbove the center
Inside Foot LowUpper leftUpper right
Outside Foot LowUpper rightUpper left
ChipExtreme bottom Extreme bottom

Best Tips for Scoring Free Kicks in FIFA 23

To score free kicks consistently in FIFA 23, there are some fundamentals to remember. Whether you are using a right-footed or left-footed player, the curling shot is a safe and consistent option.

Always aim outside of the unguarded post (or inside to get that outer curl) for about three to four balls length to allow for the curl, do not adjust the height of the shot using the right stick, and don’t be afraid to fill up the shot bar to 3/4 or slightly more. This will usually send the ball curling into the far corner away from the keeper; just be sure that you are not too close to the goal, as it usually works best about 5-10 yards outside of the penalty box.

Free Kick FIFA 23

For free kicks that are nearer, it will require more nuance in adjusting the position where the ball is struck a little lower to get the height and dip, with a power bar filled up to about 1/2 or 3/4.

Of course, nothing beats practice, so be sure to head to the arena to get the hard work done so you are prepared for all sorts of situations and opportunities.

That’s everything you need to know on how to score free kicks in FIFA 23. For more help about the game, be sure to read up on guides such as the best La Liga players, the best controller and camera settings, or how to complete the Franck Kessie OTW SBC for your FUT. Otherwise, feel free to peruse some of the related content below.

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