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How to Level Up Fast in Gotham Knights


How to Level Up Fast in Gotham Knights

Reach that level cap fast in Gotham Knights!

If you’re looking to level up fast in Gotham Knights, then you’ll want to focus on activities that are going to earn you a lot of XP as quickly as possible. In this guide, we’ll run you through the top tips and tricks for leveling up fast in Gotham Knights, so you can unlock all those various skills and abilities and hit the max level cap as soon as possible.

How to Earn XP Fast in Gotham Knights

There are a few things you want to focus on when trying to level up fast in Gotham Knights. These are:

  • Completing Main Missions
  • Defeating Enemies
  • Stopping Premeditated Crimes
  • Completing Training Missions

All of these are arguably the best ways of earning XP and leveling up fast in Gotham Knights. We’ll explain a little bit more about each one below and how you can maximize the XP gains you’re making from each.

Completing Main Missions

The main bulk of your XP will come from completing the main missions or ‘Cases’ as the game calls them. Each time you complete a stage of the ‘Case,’ you’ll get a good chunk of XP upon your return to the Belfry.

complete main missions to level up fast in Gotham Knights
Image Credit: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

If you’re looking to just level up as quickly as possible so you can take on the side content with a wider array of abilities and combos at your disposal, make a beeline for the main missions, and you’ll level up fairly quickly.

Side Missions

If you’re trying to level yourself up to make a main mission a little easier, then side missions are your next port of call in Gotham Knights.

Just like main missions, they offer up a substantial amount of XP, often enough to level you up (or get you very close to doing so). These will pop up on your map throughout the duration of the game, and will be marked until you complete them, so you shouldn’t have too many problems tracking them down.

Defeating Enemies

Something you’ll be doing a lot of during the main missions — and pretty much anything else in Gotham Knights — is defeating enemies. Each time you defeat a group of criminals, you’ll earn XP. The more extravagant combos and abilities you use and the more varied you make your attacks, the more you’ll earn.

how to level up fast in gotham knights
Image Credit: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Similarly, the more enemies you take on in any combat encounter, the more XP you’ll be rewarded for clearing them off the streets of Gotham City.

The further you progress in the game, the more and the tougher the enemies you’ll be facing off against will be, so make sure you’re unlocking as many abilities as you can for your various heroes to give yourself the upper hand.

Premeditated Crimes

As you defeat enemies and stop lesser crimes around Gotham City, you’ll pick up a lot of red magnifying glass icons. These are ‘Clues’ which, when you’ve collected enough, will help you discover Premeditated Crimes, which can then be identified on the board in the Belfry.

Premeditated Crimes are more substantial side missions of sorts where you’ll need to examine the evidence, get to the bottom of the crime, and of course, kick some criminal booty!

These also earn you substantially more XP than completing the lesser crimes around Gotham City, so make sure you’re spending your time really going after these and collecting Clues whenever you can.

Training Missions

While it won’t net you the largest amount of XP if you just need to grind out that little bit more, training missions are well worth doing whenever you’re back in the Belfry.

Not only will these teach you some handy combat moves and combos, but you’ll also earn a little chunk of XP for completing each mission. Again, it’s not going to be enough to level you up just from that, but every little helps!

That’s everything you need to know on how to level up fast in Gotham Knights. For more tips and tricks, be sure to check out our guides on how to change characters, how to get Nth Metal, and how to play co-op multiplayer. We’ve got plenty more where that came from, and we’ve included some more below.

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