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All Premeditated Crimes in Gotham Knights and How To Beat Them

All Premeditated Crimes in Gotham Knights and How To Beat Them

All Premeditated Crimes in Gotham Knights and How To Beat Them

Master all Premeditated Crimes in Gotham Knights and resolve them quickly.

There is no doubt that without Batman to keep them in check, the criminals of various factions are all ready to do evil and send the city of Gotham into chaos once more. Outside of those random crimes, there are more elaborate plots being set in motion in the shadows, and if you hope to stop all the villainy, knowing what are all the Premeditated Crimes in Gotham Knights and how to beat them will definitely be helpful.

What are Premeditated Crimes in Gotham Knights?

This particular category of crimes is more dangerous, and thus requires more legwork on the part of our heroes to uncover in Gotham Knights.

This can either be achieved by collecting Clues from defeated enemies, interrogating informants, or being chanced upon when patrolling the city.

Beating Premeditated Crimes in Gotham Knights

Depending on the type of crime, you can expect different levels of resistance and difficulty in dealing with them.

Officers in Trouble

During this crime, officers of the GCPD will find themselves in bad situations and overwhelmed by the criminal element, even the odds by fighting back against the various factions that are attacking the police.

Kidnapping in Progress

For this crime, the bad guys are trying to kidnap a citizen from the streets for nefarious purposes. As usual, teach them what happens to criminals in Gotham City and prevent any harm from coming upon the citizen.

Illegal Shipment

Put the Batcycle to good use when dealing with such crimes, chase down the vehicles, defeat the criminals, and put an end to these shipments. A good tip to remember is to always remember to approach gang vehicles from the driver’s side.

Prison Transport Truck

Similar to the kidnappings, enemies will instead be trying to break free one of their own from the prison transport.

Prison Transport Gotham Knights
Image Source: WB Games Montreal via Twinfinite

Dispatch them quickly, and stop them from getting the door opened. Moving fast is your best bet here.

Organ Trafficking

For this particular crime, it is best to take a stealthy approach. Sneak into a secure location, get rid of any opposition that stands in your way, and locate the organ contained in cryogenic containers.

If discovered, a countdown will begin, and you will need to move fast. The end goal is to get the organ to a safe spot before it expires, so use your Batcycle.

Armored Truck Robbery

For such robberies, your job is to prevent the bad guys from accessing the armored truck’s content. Once more, prioritize those targeting the truck, while beating down all others who stand in your way.

Criminal Strongholds

The factions’ most well-defended positions, our heroes will need to infiltrate these locations and clear them of vermin. How you choose to do it is entirely up to you, be it through stealth or pure combat.

Just make sure you are well prepared for the elite units that usually call these places home.

Criminal in Hiding

A lesser variant to the Strongholds, these crimes will see criminals try to hole up and keep a low profile. Make them pay for their mistakes and end their reign of crime however way you see fit.

Illegal Hack

Hackers are trying to steal data and inject malevolent code into the Gotham City infrastructure, so show them the errors of their ways by kicking their butt.

Illegal hacking Gotham Knights
Image Source: WB Games Montreal via Twinfinite

Keep the hackers away from their specialized equipment, and defeat them all before their download is complete. Make full use of the electrical equipment around you for an easier time.

Criminal Deal

When two factions get together, it is never a good thing. Crash their meetup and confiscate their illegal items by bashing their heads together.

Armed Robbery

For such robberies, your job is to prevent the loss of all the money at any given location. Defeat enemies around the location, and stop those carrying cash from making it to their goal.

Quite simple and straightforward.

Owl’s Nests

Dangerous hideouts of the Court of Owls, these locations are well hidden and can be discovered once you spot the light green highlights around certain objects.

Owl's Nest Gotham Knights
Image Source: WB Games Montreal via Twinfinite

Enter, and beware of ambushes, traps, and enemies.

Bomb Disarm

Hostages will require your help to get out of this alive, so stealth is key, otherwise, it will be a race against the countdown to save them while staving off attacks. Pick off the enemies one by one, and disarm the three bombs before it is too late.

Witness Under Attack

Prevent the bad guys from tearing down the door to a key witness by eliminating the enemies quickly and efficiently. Take note of the door’s health, and prioritize enemies that are trying to break it down first.

Crime Scenes

More to do with the brains than the brawns, Crime Scenes require you to connect the dots by piecing together clues to uncover the truth.

crime scene premeditated crimes in gotham knights
Image Source: WB Games Montreal via Twinfinite

Use the reticle to highlight all points of interest, and based on the descriptions given, mark the evidence that determines where the criminal might be hiding.

And there you go, everything you need to know about all the Premeditated Crimes in Gotham Knights and how to beat them. For more help about the game, be sure to read up on guides such as how to dismantle gear, where to find the GCPD back entrance, or how to change characters. There’s also related content below for your perusal.

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