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How to Gift in Apex Legends

Wattson and Nessy in Apex Legends
Image Source: Respawn Entertainment

How to Gift in Apex Legends

Breaking down how to gift in Apex Legends ahead of the newest season!

Season 15 of Respawn Entertainment’s free-to-play battle royale, Apex Legends, is rapidly approaching. Eclipse will introduce a new Legend to the battlefield, Catalyst, and a bevy of changes that have been kept under wraps. One of the newest changes has just been revealed, and it’s a feature that’s grown in popularity over the years as gaming has evolved. Gifting will be coming to Apex Legends with the launch of the newest season and just in time for the holiday season. Here’s what you need to know on how to gift in Apex Legends so you can spread the holiday cheer.

Gifting in Apex Legends

How to gift in Apex Legends
Image Source: Respawn Entertainment

In order to gift a cosmetic to your friend, head on over to the shop, select the brand new option apply titled “Gift,” and choose who you wish to send the gift to from your friend’s list.

Gifting is a pretty straightforward process that will be arriving when the newest season launches on Nov. 1, 2022. However, there are a few requirements and fine print details that you should know ahead of time.

Gifting Requirements and Further Details

Gifting message in Apex Legends
Image Source: Respawn Entertainment

When it comes to gifting, there are a few extra steps you need to have achieved and enabled in order to be able to gift your friends. Per Respawn Entertainment:

  • You must have Login Verification turned on
  • You must be at least account level 10
  • You must be in-game friends with those you want to give to. Furthermore, to send or receive Gifts, your account must be in good standing and both you and your friend must have been friends for at least two weeks before you can give or receive gifts from each other.

Finally, you can only gift up to five items every 24 hours, with Apex Coins being the only currency that will allow gifting.

That’s everything you need to know on how to gift in Apex Legends. With the new season almost here, Catalyst will be joining the fray, so make sure to familiarize yourself with her story in the new Stories of the Outlands, and be sure to finish your collecting of Season 14’s cosmetics before they’re gone forever.

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