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Hokko Life Villager Requests Explained: How to Get and Complete Them

Hokko Life

Hokko Life Villager Requests Explained: How to Get and Complete Them

Villager requests are a major part of building your ideal community in Hokko Life. Here’s everything you need to know about what they are, where to get them, and how to complete them.

Hokko Life is a game about community-building, and one of the most important elements of that is completing villager requests. This guide has everything you need to know about different types of villager requests in Hokko Life, where to get them, and how to complete them.

How to Get Villager Requests in Hokko Life

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When you first arrive at Hokko, all your villager requests will come directly from the villagers themselves. Make it a habit to walk around town and greet your neighbors daily because talking to them is the only way to get requests. Later, Oma will give you a Notice Board that you can place in town. Villagers will post their requests on the board, so you don’t have to chase them down anymore.

All Hokko Life Villager Requests & How to Complete Them

Oma gives you more responsibility
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Most villager requests in Hokko Life fall into four major categories: Delivery Requests, Crafting Requests, Repair Requests, and Design Requests. Some are quick and to the point, while others are more hands-on and time-consuming. But completing villager requests is one of the best ways to make progress on your Mayor Merits.

Delivery Villager Requests

This is the simplest category of villager requests. For these, the villager will ask you to run an errand for them, such as delivering a collectible to another villager. The villager making the request gives you the item they want you to deliver, so you don’t have to hunt it down. All you have to do is take the item, find the right villager, talk to them, give them the item, and return it to the villager who made the request to collect your reward. You’ll earn a bit of money and make progress toward your “completed villager requests” Mayor Merits.

Finding the right villager is easier said than done in your first few weeks in Hokko. More villagers and NPCs are moving in daily, wandering around, and it’s up to you to figure out whether they’re in their houses, on the beach, or somewhere about town. But after walking 40 steps and sprinting for at least 600 seconds, you earn the map as a Mayor Merits reward. The map is a huge time saver when it comes to completing delivery villager requests.

Crafting Villager Requests

Once you’re able to buy crafting recipes from Sally, villagers will begin to ask you to craft certain materials such as paints and fabric dyes for them. To complete these requests, you’ll first have to buy the recipe from Sally if you haven’t already. Then, collect the necessary resources to craft the requested materials. Some materials, like flower petals, coal, and chalk, can be harvested freely about Hokko, but you’ll have to purchase others, such as glue and fabric dye base, from Moss’s shop.

Once you have the required resources, take them to the workshop and craft them at the crafting table. Deliver them to the villager who requested them to collect your reward. You’ll earn a bit of money and progress toward both “completed villager requests” and “objects crafted” Mayor Merits.

Repair Delivery Requests

Repair requests aren’t super common in Hokko, but they do come up from time to time. You’re most likely to run into this type of request early in the game while you’re learning to craft, customize, and design objects at the design table.

For this category of villager requests, the villager will give you a broken item of theirs and ask you to repair it. For example, one of the first requests you’ll receive from your Hokko neighbors will be to repair a broken chair. To complete the request, you’ll need to collect the necessary resources, craft the materials (and purchase the recipe from Sally if you haven’t already), and take them to the design table to “craft a copy” of the broken item.

Replace the missing part, return it to the villager, and collect your reward. You’ll receive a bit of money and progress toward “completed villager requests,” “objects crafted,” and “existing designs built” Mayor Merits.

Design Delivery Requests

Design requests are the most complex and time-consuming villager requests in Hokko Life. For these requests, a villager will ask you to bring them an item for their home, such as a lamp, a chair, or a table. You then have to go to the design table and either build an existing design (if you have one) or create a new design from scratch using a basic blueprint. You should have a design for some objects, such as chairs and tables. Others, such as lights, you’ll have to design and build from scratch.

You pretty much have unlimited freedom in how you design the requested object, but you do have to have the right materials in your inventory and purchase piece packs from Sally. For example, you can use ordinary wooden planks or even logs to design chairs, tables, and cabinets. But if the villager requests a light, you’ll have to purchase the recipe for steel, glass, and lightbulbs from Sally, craft each material, and finally design it from scratch using a blueprint.

Once you’ve designed the object, take it to the villager who requested it and collect your reward. You’ll get a bit of money and make progress toward your “completed villager requests,” “objects crafted,” and either the “existing designs built” or “original designs made” Mayor Merits.

The first few times you get this request, the villager will likely accept just about anything you give to them, as long as it was designed using the right blueprint. But as your time in Hokko goes on, villagers get more and more particular about what they want. Sometimes you’ll bring an object to a villager, and they’ll tell you it looks a little unfinished and send you back to put more work into it. Adding decorative pieces, higher-end materials, and a coat of paint can bring it up to par. 

Now that you know how to get and complete villager requests in Hokko Life, be sure to check out our other helpful articles on this title, such as How to Build New Houses, How to Chop and Plant Trees, and How to Reach the Raised Area of the Meadow.

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