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Every New Pokemon From Scarlet & Violet So Far


Every New Pokemon From Scarlet & Violet So Far

Here are all of the new Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Pokemon.

The next generation of Pokemon games is upon us. Later this year, we’ll be able to play Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, the next mainline games coming to the Nintendo Switch. Few things gets fans more fired up than new pocket monsters, so let’s run through every new Pokemon from Scarlet & Violet that we know so far.

All New Pokemon Announced for Scarlet & Violet

new pokemon scarlet violet

As of the time of this writing, we now know a lot more Pokemon that are set to be in the upcoming new generation of the game. We’ve listed them and their types for your convenience below.

  • Sprigatito (Starter) – Grass Type
  • Fuecoco (Starter) – Fire Type
  • Quaxly (Starter) – Water Type
  • Koraidon (Scarlet Legendary) – Type Currently Unknown
  • Miraidon (Violet Legendary) – Type Currently Unknown
  • Pawmi – Electric Type
  • Lechonk – Normal Type
  • Smoliv – Grass/Normal Type
  • Fidough – Fairy Type
  • Cetitan – Ice Type
  • Grafaiai – Normal/Poison Type
  • Klawf – Rock Type
  • Armarouge – Fire/Psychic Type
  • Ceruledge – Fire/Ghost Type
  • Cyclizar – Dragon/Normal Type
  • Wiglett – Ground Type
  • Paldean Wooper – Poison/ Ground Type
  • Farigiraf – Normal/ Psychic Type
  • Bellibolt – Electric Type

Hopefully, when Scarlet and Violet get a bit more of its actual gameplay released, we can get a better look at all three of the new starters, plus, see some of the new Pokemon that will make their debut in this new generation as well.

That’s all you need to know about all new Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet so far. As new ones are announced over the coming weeks and months, we’ll be sure to update this post. While Nintendo rarely spills all of the beans, you can usually expect a decent handful to be shown off before the games come out later this year. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more news and information on the game.

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