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All Victoria 3 Achievements, Listed

Victoria 3 Achievement list
Image Source: Paradox Studios

All Victoria 3 Achievements, Listed

Victoria 3 is officially out now.

Victoria 3, the much anticipated grand strategy title of the year, is officially out now. As with other video games, Victoria 3 features an enormous list of in-game achievements that must be accomplished for 100% completion. On that note, here’s everything you need to know about all the Victoria 3 achievements and instructions to unlock them.

All Victoria 3 Achievements

All Victoria 3 Achievements
Image source: Paradox Studios

Victoria 3 has 45 achievements in total, and players need to complete a few straightforward objectives to unlock all of them.

  • Star-Swarmed Banner:
    • To achieve the Star Swarmed Banner achievement, you must, as the United States, incorporate 100 states into the national flag.  
  • Caretaker
    • To complete the Caretaker achievement, you must complete the Egalitarian Society objective.
  • Hegemon
    • Complete the Hegemon objective to unlock this achievement.
  • Minors, not Miners
    • Start as Lanfang, incorporate all Borneo states, and have the Compulsory Primary School law passed.
  • Muhammed Ali’s Ambition
    • When starting as Egypt, form Arabia, and own Thrace to get this achievement.
  • Broken Promises
    • As Italy joins a diplomatic play against two or more of your allies.
  • Billionaire
    • Increase your national GDP to at least one billion.
  • Barbary’s Back
    • As Algeria, retake Algiers and become a major power.
  • Manifest Mexico
    • Start as Mexico and own the Pacific Coast & Great Plains while having a higher Power Rank than the USA.
  • First Flight
    • Be the first nation to fly airplanes.
  • The Western Protectorate
    • Start as Great Qing, and have a treaty port in France, Germany, the British Isles, Iberia, and Italy.
  • Perkeletankki
    • Start as Finland and produce at least 100 units of tanks every week.
  • Peccavi
    • Start as the British India company and fully own both Sindi and Punjab regions.
  • American Territory
    • Start as the Indian Territory, and have the USA as a subject to you with no more than three states.
  • Victorian Century
    • Play an entire campaign from 1836 to 1936
  • Revolutionary
    • Switch Sides to the revolutionaries during a civil war and win the conflict.
  • Poor, Huddled Masses
    • As a nation, have cultural migration target one of your states.
  • Mightier than the Sword
    • Have one or more sides back down in a diplomatic play.
  • Institutional
    • Have an institution at the maximum investment level
  • Educated
    • Complete the Learn the Game Objective and unlock this achievement.
  • Deeds, not words!
    • Pass the Women’s Suffrage into law as a nation.
  • The Healthy Man of Europe
    • Starting as the Ottomans, be the Greatest Power while having max level Public Health Insurance.
  • Go West, Young Man
    • Start as the United States and own California, Oregon, and Washington with 250k or more population in each state.
  • Inventive
    • Research all technologies across all three research trees.
  • Enlightened Despot
    • Have electrical street lights in all states while your government is an Autocracy.
  • Reading Campaign
    • Start as a nation with less than 20 percent literacy, and get it to 00 percent.
  • Habsburg Resurgence
    • Start as Austria and own Silesia and Prussia needs to be a minor or lower power rank.
  • Luxurious Luxembourg
    • Start as Luxembourg and become the leading producer of the following: Luxury Clothes, Luxury Furniture, and Porcelain.
  • An Empire under the Pun
    • Start as Sikh Empire and subjugate Great Briain.
  • The Berlin Conference
    • Start as Prussia and later form Germany while fully owning at least 10 states in Africa.
  • I Didn’t Vote for Pedro
    • Start as Brazil, change government to Republic, and Implement Universal Suffrage.
  • Anarchy in the UK
    • Start as Great Britain and change the government to Anarchist.
  • The Great Game
    • Start as Russia and own the entire Central Asia region.
  • Poppydock
    • Complete this achievement by having at least a level 8 port and exporting at least 2500 unties of opium to foreign markets.
  • Serf’s Up
    • Start as a nation with Serfdom like Russia, and enact Worker’s Protections Labour Rights Law.
  • The Paris Commune
    • Start as France and become a Council Republic with a Command Economy.
  • Bourbon for Everyone!
    • Start as Spain, and have a standard of living of 20, while your nation remains a Monarchy.
  • Tycoon
    • Complete the Economic Dominance Objective to unlock this achievement. 
  • Risorgimento
    • Forming the nation of Italy unlocks this achievement. 
  • Solomon’s Quest
    • Unlocking this achievement requires you to form the nation of Ethiopia. 
  • Three Hurrahs
    • Forming the nation of Germany unlocks this achievement.

So that’s it, everything you need to know about Victoria 3 achievements. Before leaving, make sure to check out other gaming-related content here at Twinfinite, like Victoria 3 console cheats & commands and Victoria 3 trailer about politics.

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