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Who Is Daemon’s Wife in House of the Dragon? Answered

What Didn’t Viserys Tell Daemon in House of the Dragon?
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Who Is Daemon’s Wife in House of the Dragon? Answered

Find out who Daemon’s wife is in House of the Dragon.

Various episodes of House of the Dragon have briefly mentioned the topic of Daemon Targaryen’s estranged wife at the Vale. So, you may be wondering, who is Daemon’s wife, and will she make an appearance in the show? Here’s everything you need to know about this mysterious character and what could happen in the following episodes of the series

Who Is Daemon’s Wife in House of the Dragon?

Lady Rhea Royce is Daemon’s wife in House of the Dragon and the heir to Runestone. At the beginning of the relationship, Queen Alysanne Targaryen set up their marriage, and the two were meant to be the perfect match based on their status. However, Prince Daemon Targaryen had no love for his wife and found the Vale of Arryn, a region of the Seven Kingdoms, quite dull.

Because Daemon despised Rhea and often called her the “bronze bitch,” she also grew to dislike him. Eventually, the prince would ask his brother, King Viserys, to abolish the marriage, but he ultimately refused this request.

During this time, Rhea became the Lady of Runestone after the head of House Royce, Yorbert Royce, presumably passed away. But, Daemon was barely present in her life and would frequently leave Runestone to pursue his endeavors, including fighting in the War for the Stepstones and having an affair with Mysaria.

Now that House of the Dragon Episode 4 has been released, we know that Daemon must return to his wife after the King banished him for his relationship with Rhaenyra Targaryen. With this in mind, fans could finally see the appearance of Lady Rhea Royce and gain more insight into their failed marriage.

That does it for our guide on who is Daemon’s wife in House of the Dragon. If you want more content about the show, you can check out the relevant links below and view our guide about the identity of the Prince that Was Promised.

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