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Is Liga MX in FIFA 23? Answered


Is Liga MX in FIFA 23? Answered

Can you experience Liga MX in FIFA 23?

Every year, EA Sports and FIFA include countless clubs, nations, and players to choose from all over the world. Sometimes, though, licenses slip through the cracks—or for whatever reason, are not renewed, which often prompts questions. One such question this time around is: Can players find Liga MX in FIFA 23? That’s what we’re here to answer.

Is Liga MX in FIFA 23?

Unfortunately, the answer is no, Liga MX is not in FIFA 23. Due to a new licensing agreement with Konami’s eFootball, Liga MX is no longer part of the EA Sports’ FIFA-verse. You can read the official tweet, from Feb. 4, 2022, below:

Without Liga MX, FIFA 23 still has plenty to offer—including over 19,000 players, 100 stadiums, and 700 clubs across 30 different leagues. So for players missing the experience of Liga MX, you are not starved for choice.

That’s all you need to know with regards to Liga MX being in FIFA 23. But if you like what you see, stick around! Twinfinite has endless FIFA 23-related content to peruse, with guides such as whether or not FIFA 23 is the final FIFA and the best teams in FIFA 23—as well as plenty more at the links below.

So don’t be afraid to give us a shout below, and we’ll be happy to help in any way we can.

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