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How to Complete FIFA 23 Early Access Pack Objectives

Give Me Five SBC FIFA 23

How to Complete FIFA 23 Early Access Pack Objectives

FUT keeps turning in FIFA 23 with early access rewards.

FIFA Ultimate Team has been the staple of the franchise for years, and FIFA 23 is no different. In honor of early access, players already have SBCs available to them via the web or companion app. With those, of course, come rewards. That’s why we’re here to tackle how to complete the FIFA 23 early access pack objectives.

Early Access Pack Objectives Guide for FIFA 23

If time remains on this one, it’s limited, so be sure to do this now if you haven’t already. The prize upon completion is a Two Rare Gold Players Pack, and to get it players only need to accomplish one objective. Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. Max. 8 Leagues.
  2. Max. 8 Players from the same Club.
  3. Min. 1 Rare Player.
  4. Min. 60 Squad Rating.
  5. Min. 14 Squad Chemistry Points.

Early Access Challenge 2

Once again, this challenge requires completing just one objective. Though, it’s a tad more specific than the previous one. Additionally, players will receive a Small Rare Mixed Players Pack as a reward. Here’s what you’ll need in order to complete it:

  1. Max. 3 Clubs in Squad.
  2. Max 5 Players from the same Club.
  3. Max 6 Players from the same League.
  4. Min. 1 Gold Player.
  5. Exactly 11 Rare Players.
  6. Min. 22 Squad Chemistry Points.
  7. 11 Players in the Squad.

With the new chemistry system, you’ll have to play around with the clubs and leagues a little, but this isn’t too tall of an order. As of this writing, players still have two days to complete the Early Access Challenge 2, as it is slated to expire on Sept. 28.

And that’s that—everything needed in order to complete the FIFA 23 early access challenge objectives. With FIFA 23 right around the corner, be sure to keep your eyes on Twinfinite by checking out our other guides such as how to get coins fast in FUT and how to access the 10-hour trial—as well as endless information at the links below.

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