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New Valorant Agent ‘Mage’: All Abilities & Information We Know So Far


New Valorant Agent ‘Mage’: All Abilities & Information We Know So Far

Valorant’s new Agent 21, Mage, has arcane power.

The start of Valorant’s Episode 5 saw the arrival of a brand new map adding to the game called Pearl, and there’s more content on the way in the form of a new Agent. While we’re still a ways off their release at this stage, we’re highlighting everything there is to know so far about Valorant’s Agent 21, codenamed Mage.

New Valorant Agent Codename ‘Mage’

There are precious few details about Mage so far, but one thing we can be pretty sure of is their codename, which was uncovered by well-known Valorant data miner ValorLeaks.

The codename is buried within files and folders added to Valorant following the launch of the game’s most recent patch, which obviously lays the groundwork for Mage’s eventual addition to its roster in the future. Don’t expect the Agent to be called Mage, though — this is just a codename, just as Bounty Hunter was Fade’s codename and Sprinter was Neon’s.

What Agent Type Is Mage? Answered

There isn’t any official confirmation about what sort of Agent-type Mage is going to be, but based on the release pattern of the past five or so added to Valorant, it seems as though a Controller-type would make the most sense.

There are only four controllers in Valorant: Brimstone, Omen, Viper, and Astra. The other Agent-types all have five, and the launch of Astra –the last Controller added to the game– was way back in February of 2021.

Valorant Agent Mage Lore

Image Source: Riot Games via Twinfinite Screen Grab

After the launch of the latest Valorant Public Beta Environment (PBE), we have some lore details about Mage, which have been added to the practice grounds. Taking a look around Brimstone’s office and the area underneath the range, there’s a reference to an individual named Varun Batra, who is a member of a new agency we haven’t heard of before called REALM. Varun Batra is said to be of interest to both the Alpha and Omega worlds (the two worlds in conflict according to Valorant lore).

The name Varun Batra is of Indian origin, so assuming that Varun Batra is Mage’s real name, then it’s highly likely they are from India. I think this would probably make sense given that we know there’s a major Valorant community in India, and we haven’t had an Indian Agent in the game so far.

The folks at Valorant Update have already done some digging on the name Varun Batra and found that there is a similar name that crops up in Hindu mythology — Varuna. Varuna is the god of oceans in Hindu culture, which could possibly mean that Mage has some form of aquatic powers. This would fall in line with the elemental nature of other Agent abilities, such as fire (Phoenix), earth (Sage), and wind (Jett). Water is the only element not in the game so far (even if Sage’s Ice Wall appears as though it is related to water).

Image Source: Riot Games via Twinfinite Screen Grab

The above image shows a symbol added to the board just opposite the range in the PBE servers, which some have speculated might also be related to some sort of Hindu symbol. Of course, this could also just be REALM’s symbol, which, as mentioned earlier, is an agency we haven’t heard of before in Valorant.

It’s worth noting that most of the recently added Agents to Valorant’s roster have all had symbols related to them in some way teased ahead of the game’s release, added to areas of existing maps, or other similar teasers.

Finally, if you’re wondering about the image we used for the thumbnail of this article, it’s the player card related to the Glitter skin-line in the latest battle pass. While the appearance of this lady likely doesn’t indicate that of Mage, we think her ethereal look might in some way be a teaser to Mage’s magical abilities.

Possible Valorant Agent Mage Abilities

Given that it’s so early in the build-up to Valorant Agent 21’s launch, we really have absolutely no idea what sort of abilities Mage might have. We can hazard a guess, though, that they’ll be water-based in some way if, indeed, the assumptions about Mage’s Indian origin and connection to Hindu mythology prove accurate.

In any case, the codename Mage certainly suggests that Agent 21 will possess some sort of power over the arcane arts, perhaps wielding the ability to cast spells that create smoke-like effects and/or magical hexes of some kind that blind enemy players.

We’ll be keeping this article updated as we learn more over the coming weeks.

Valorant Agent 21 Mage Release Date

So, speaking of the coming weeks, how long until Agent 21 releases? Well, again, we don’t have official confirmation, but it seems likely that Mage will launch at the start of Act 2.

This is pure speculation, but if we compare the launch of Fracture last year to Chamber’s release date, who was the first Agent added to Valorant after Fracture, it was around 9 weeks. Since Pearl launched in late June, that would mean Act 2’s release would fall roughly 9 weeks after its launch and would follow a similar cadence.

Again, we’ll keep you posted with new information as and when we hear it. For now, that’s everything there is to know about Valorant Agent 21, Mage. For more content on the game, search Twinfinite or check out some of the related pages below.

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