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Is the Bleach Manga Coming Back? Answered

Is the Bleach Manga Coming Back? Answered

Is the Bleach Manga Coming Back? Answered

Is Bleach actually coming back?

The past few years have been good for Bleach fans. In addition to the anime experiencing an unexpected revival, the manga series also saw the release of a new chapter and a potential spin-off in the form of Tite Kubo’s latest work, Burn the Witch. However, one big question has been hanging in the air that you’ve probably been asking yourself: Is the Bleach manga coming back? We were wondering the exact same thing, and after doing some research, we’ve compiled our findings in this guide.

Is the Bleach Manga Finished? Answered

As it currently stands, the chances of the Bleach manga coming back aren’t as hopeless as they once appeared.

On one hand, the manga did see new content released as recently as 2021 via a companion one shot for the announcement of the anime’s continuation. In it, Kubo introduced plenty of new characters who could be fleshed out further and a potential storyline for Ichigo and his companions to explore should the series continue.

Likewise, the anime has seen plenty of positive buzz and interest from anime fans. Should it perform well, this could translate to renewed interest in more one-shots or even regular chapters being produced by Kubo and published in Shonen Jump. They could then be released either through their regular publication or at a slower pace alongside their Shonen Jump+ online publications.

However, these factors going the other way could have the opposite effect. If the anime doesn’t receive a ton of attention upon release, Shonen Jump isn’t likely to show interest in putting out new chapters.

Likewise, Kubo would need to have the interest and time necessary to create new chapters. He may very well want to focus on new projects like Burn the Witch or an entirely unrelated story; or, he may not have the energy or desire necessary to create new chapters, having stepped away from the series for so long and being much older than when he originally created the series.

It’ll all come down to how the new anime performs and where Kubo stands on continuing the series. We’ll likely learn more on both subjects once the anime releases and will update this guide accordingly if any new information is released.

Hopefully, this helps to clear up whether or not the Bleach Manga is coming back. For more on the series, check out any of the related articles down below. For more on anime in general, feel free to take a look at our lists of the most popular anime you can watch, the most OP anime characters around, and the best anime tropes.

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