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How to Get Thunder Egg in Dinkum (& What to Do With It)


How to Get Thunder Egg in Dinkum (& What to Do With It)

A guide on how to get Thunder Eggs and what they’re used for in Dinkum.

Like any life simulator, Dinkum has a variety of items that serve multiple purposes. Some valuable items can’t be obtained unless you have specific tools. Others are collected for the purpose of selling. One great example are Thunder Eggs. They’re rare, valuable, beautiful to look at, and should be retrieved as soon as you see one. So, how do you get Thunder Eggs in Dinkum? What do you do even with it? Let’s find out.

How to Get Thunder Egg in Dinkum (& What to Do With It)

How to Obtain Thunder Eggs

Image Source: Make Way For Cat/James Bendon

Thunder Eggs are fairly rare in Dinkum and only appear during thunderstorms. If you go outside and it’s just raining, that isn’t going to be enough. There needs to be lightning in the sky. If you’re lucky, a Thunder Egg will spawn somewhere on the island.

Unfortunately, Thunder Eggs don’t appear in any one place, as they can spawn anywhere on the island. That makes it extremely difficult, but the treasure hunt can be made by turning up the volume. Thunder Eggs emit the crackling sound of electricity.

If you hear it, look for a large, brown egg-shaped rock with lightning coming off it. Don’t worry about the electricity—it’s safe to pick it up. Be aware that it’s too large to fit in your inventory, so you’ll have to hoist it over your head.

What Are Thunder Eggs For?

Image Source: SkyFudgey/James Bendon

As special and rare as Thunder Eggs are in Dinkum, they don’t serve any special purpose other than for selling and displaying. John will gladly offer Dinks in exchange, just as he does for most items like Seashells and Honey. However, there isn’t a set price for the Thunder Eggs.

When you take a Thunder Egg to John, he’ll appraise it. Just drop it on the scale, and he’ll give you a price. You aren’t obligated to sell it to him; in fact, if John appraises it for less than 60,000 Dinks, there’s a better option: sell the contents inside.

If you crack open a Thunder Egg, you’ll receive four Opals, each selling for 15,000 Dinks. And since John doesn’t appraise Opals, you’ll get the full price for each, totaling 60,000 Dinks. Now you see why you shouldn’t take John’s offer if it’s less than 60,000 Dinks?

But before you break open your lovely Thunder Egg, consider putting it on display. Occasionally, visitors in Dinkum love seeing photos of Thunder Eggs. If you keep one on display, you can quickly complete the task.

And that’s all you need to know about getting Thunder Eggs in Dinkum and what you can do with them. If you’re having trouble finding one, try bringing friends along; Dinkum supports multiplayer. And if you’re holding off on selling the Thunder Egg, then consider learning how to fish to make ends meet.

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