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How to Get Beehives in Dinkum


How to Get Beehives in Dinkum

A guide on how to obtain beehives in Dinkum.

Dinkum features various activities, quests, chores, and structures to craft. There’s a quiet comfort to the game as you gather the necessary materials for the next big project, like a bridge. And as you wander about, you’ll likely come across beehives. No, they aren’t decorative and do serve a purpose, so it’s absolutely worth knowing how to get beehives in Dinkum.

How to Get Beehives in Dinkum

Beehives in Dinkum will always be stuck high up in trees. If you’re hoping to retrieve beehives, the trees have to come down. That means wielding your trusty axe, standing firm, and chopping away. Of course, Dinkum’s license system may prevent progress before you can get one.

To make any progress in Dinkum, you need licenses to perform specific tasks. Want to use shovels and dig holes? There’s a license for that. Want to go treasure hunting? You’ll need the Metal Detecting License. In this case of felling trees, you’ll need the Logging License.

  1. Obtain Permit Points.

    In order to purchase the Logging License, you need Permit Points. You can acquire some by completing Milestones. One example is catching bugs.

  2. Purchase the Logging License and an Axe from Fletch and John, respectively.

    The Logging License costs 250 Permit Points; an Axe costs 1,200 Dinks.

  3. Look for a tree that has a beehive at the top, then cut it down.


Now, you can pick up the beehive, but it doesn’t offer much of a benefit. In fact, unless you know how to catch bugs with a bug catcher, beehives are only useful for cracking open and retrieving the honey inside. Honey can be sold for a decent number of Dinks.

Now that you know how to get beehives in Dinkum, it’s best you start working towards reaching level 10 so that you can create your very own bee house. It would be ten times better if you played Dinkum with friends, which you can totally do. If you’re just starting out, it’s essential to know how tin sheets are acquired.

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