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Manor Lords Complete Trading Guide

I wish my peasants knew to always tip their manor lord...

If you know how trading works in Manor Lords, then there’ll be literally nothing stopping you from conquering the whole map, and that’s exactly what we will teach you in this guide. So, scroll down and let’s get started.

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How to Master Trade in Manor Lords

Why Is Trading Important in Manor Lords?

In the current state of Manor Lords, you can produce only a few important resources and import everything else you need. So, setting up trade routes and making an efficient system will let your town prosper with minimal input, leaving you time to focus more on conquering.

Also, it’s essential you set it up early, start profiting from certain low-difficulty resources like berries, and invest that money into others. To do that most efficiently, you’ll want the Better Deals development first, but more on that later.

How to Trade in Manor Lords

First, let’s review how to trade using the trading menu in Manor Lords. You start by selecting one of the two trading buildings and switching to the Trade tab. Then, you establish a trade route for a specific resource by clicking one of the caravan buttons on the right (you can forgo this step for minor materials, but it’ll significantly reduce your trading capacity).

Next, click on the dropdown all the way on the left that says No trade by default and change it to Full Trade (it does the same thing as Export/Import). Finally, click on the Desired Surplus and change it to whatever number you want. Always make sure that you have enough left for your town’s needs, though.

Trading Buildings

There are two trading buildings in Manor Lords right now: the Trading Post and the Livestock Trading Post. You won’t need the latter if you decide to start a farm, as you can get both oxen and horses using the Hitching Post.

The Trading Post, on the other hand, is crucial. You’ll need at least one family assigned to it (it won’t work otherwise) and preferably a designated ox as well. That’ll increase your trading speed substantially and, therefore, your money gains.

How to Boost Trading

What’ll also increase your money gains and, more importantly, save you money are the Developments. The first and second ones you should unlock in literally every run you start are Trade Logistics and Better Deals. The first one will cap the trade route, establishing cost to 25 Regional Wealth, and the second will make the buy and sell prices the same, allowing you to freely exchange resources with no tax or anything.

How to Setup Trade in the First Three Minutes

Setting up trade in the first three minutes of your run is, in fact, extremely easy in Manor Lords. Here is what you have to do:

  1. Immediately construct a Trading Post and assign a family to it.
  2. Establish a trade route (if you have the money ) for berries or some other easily attainable resource like planks, and then set the trade rule to Full Trade.
  3. Set the surplus to 10.
  4. Start farming the resource you want to trade with the appropriate building.
  5. Wait for the trade building to passively do its thing and get you money.

What Is Regional Wealth in Manor Lords?

In Manor Lords, Regional Wealth is the currency your current region has available to spend. You can increase it by trading or passively via buildings like the level 1+ Burgage plot. Whatever you choose, it’s essential you don’t waste it as soon as you start a run, as investing it into a trade route can accelerate your progress exponentially.

That covers everything you need to master trading in Manor Lords. If you need help with something else in-game, be sure to check out all the other stuff we have here on Twinfinite. We’ll also be keeping the post updated as new things come out, so be sure to revisit it once a new patch drops.

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