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Dinkum Fishing Guide: How to Catch Fish


Dinkum Fishing Guide: How to Catch Fish

A guide on how to catch fish in Dinkum.

Farming and catching butterflies aren’t the only activities in Dinkum. You can also pick up a fishing rod, locate the nearest river and start living off the land. It’s a great way to make Dinks. But of course, like many aspects of Dinkum, you need a license. Here’s an in-depth guide on how to catch fish in Dinkum.

Dinkum Fishing Guide: How to Catch Fish

In order to start catching fish, you’ll need two items (other than fish): a Fishing License and Fishing Rod. Both are outside your reach when you first start in Dinkum, so you’ll have to do a bit of work in order to obtain both.

How to Get a Fishing License and Fishing Rod

Image Source: Vault 14/James Bendon

To obtain a Fishing License and Fishing Rod, the two visitors you should be worried about are Fletch and John. Fletch will sell you a Fishing License; John has Fishing Rods for sale. However, both require a specific currency—Permit Points and Dinks, respectively.

  1. Speak with Fletch at the Town Hall. She’ll sell a Fishing License for 250 Permit Points.
  2. Speak with John now. With your new license, he’ll sell a Fishing Rod to you for 1260 Dinks.

Permit Points are awarded for completing Milestones. These are often completed just from playing the game, like catching a specific number of bugs, but you can always focus on completing said Milestones to earn Permit Points faster. Dinks is the game’s currency, which you can earn pretty quickly early on by just selling Seashells.

How to Fish in Dinkum & How It Works

With your Fishing License and Fishing Rod, you are now allowed to fish in Dinkum as well as engage in the fishing mechanic. So, equip your Fishing Rod and head to the nearest body of water, preferably one that’s large.

  1. To cast your line, press the left mouse button.

    Holding in the left mouse button increases the distance the line travels.

  2. To pull in the line, hold the left mouse button again.

    Fish will nibble at the bait a few times before completely submerging the bait. That’s your time to reel in your fish.


  3. To cancel your cast, press the right mouse button.

Dinkum’s fishing minigame is like a tug of war. Once a fish has taken the bait, they’ll battle against your line. Don’t attempt to reel them in otherwise, the health of your Fishing Rod will deteriorate, and the line snaps. Let the fish swim away, tire itself out, and then reel in again.

And that’s all there is to know about how to catch fish in Dinkum. Above all else, the key is to be patient, and you’ll soon have an inventory full of new fish. While you’re at it, bring some friends along for a fishing competition; Dinkum has multiplayer. If you’re new to the game, one of the earliest activities you’ll engage in is burying fruit.

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