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Cult of the Lamb: How to Heal & Gain More Health

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Cult of the Lamb: How to Heal & Gain More Health

Here’s how to heal and gain more health in Cult of the Lamb.

Developed by Massive Monster and published by Devolver Digital, Cult of the Lamb is a cute and creepy strategy experience that sees players managing their very own religious sect. When you’re out and about laying waste to all those doubting Thomas out there, you may be pondering how to heal and gain more health for your loyal flock of followers. In this guide, we’ll explain how to do just that. So, without further delay, let’s get started.

It’s important to note that any time you return from a Crusade, you’ll gain health back fully instantly. This happens regardless of when you die, escape, or are successful.

How to Heal and Gain More Health in Cult of the Lamb

While you’re out crusading, health is in pretty short supply. When you start Cult of the Lamb, you’ll only have three Hearts of health. In order to heal while you’re on a crusade, you’ll need to pick up Hearts. The thing is, there are a variety of different Hearts you can pick up, including Diseased Hearts, Temporary Hearts, and Regular Hearts.

What Do the Different Hearts Do in Cult of the Lamb?

  • Diseased Hearts – These hearts remain gone once they’ve been drained and take up a spot that would normally be a healable Heart; don’t disappear after lost in battle.
  • Temporary Hearts – These are teal and are only available for the specific run that you’re currently on; will disappear after they are lost for the first time.
  • Regular Hearts – Heals you and refills your health, coming in half and full variants.

How Do You Find Hearts in Cult of the Lamb?

Hearts can be found by defeating enemies, looting chests, picking up specific tarot cards, or having demons in your flock that have health-related perks.

Additionally, if you see a heart icon while choosing your path for a crusade, this is also a spot where you can heal up and get Temporary Hearts. Ratoo will have crates of hearts that you can use to heal up.

If you interact with the pool in the middle of this room, you’ll also recover all of your hearts instantly.

How to Get More Hearts (Health) Permanently in Cult of the Lamb

To upgrade your overall amount of Hearts in the game, you’ll need to preach sermons and level up your abilities. With each new tier you unlock, more Hearts will also be added.

And that about wraps it up for our guide today. Hopefully, that helped clue you in on how to heal and gain more health in Cult of the Lamb. For more on the game, make sure to check out the relevant links down below.

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