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When Does What If…? Season 2 Come Out? Answer & Countdown

What If...? Season 2

When Does What If…? Season 2 Come Out? Answer & Countdown

Explore the many multiverses of the next installment in What If…?

Ever since the release of What If…?, many fans have been waiting for new updates of the show. Fortunately, the community got their wish when Disney+ announced the release date of the Marvel exclusive at the San Diego Comic-Con. Here’s when you can expect Season 2 to come out and a countdown to make sure you are there when it launches.

What If…? Season 2 Release Date

At SDCC, it was revealed that What If…? Season 2 will release in early 2023. This multiverse show gained many loyal fans with its unique take on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, including the storylines of Captain Carter as the First Avenger and what would happen if Ultron won.

The narrator of the series, The Watcher, is one of the most powerful beings in the franchise and is dedicated to his duty of observing multiple universes. However, his role as a Watcher restricts him from messing with any timelines, no matter how dire the situation is.

As the story continues, the cosmic being finds himself at odds with the rules and must decide what is best for the sake of the multiverse.

Season 2 of What If..? will possibly explore more of The Watcher’s story and the other beloved members of the Marvel Universe. Moreover, Season 1 ended on a mysterious note with the return of the HYDRA Stomper, so we could see more of an explanation for this reveal.

To ensure that you’ll be there when the show releases, here’s a countdown timer:

Countdown to Marvel What If...? Season 2 Release Window on Disney+

That does it for our guide about when What If…? Season 2 comes out and a countdown to keep you updated. If you want to see more Marvel content, you can explore other releases of SDCC, such as I Am Groot, X-Men ’97, and Spider-Man: Freshman Year.

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