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How to Get Green Dye in Minecraft

How to Get Green Dye in Minecraft

How to Get Green Dye in Minecraft

Why not just make a house out of cactus blocks?

If you’re wanting to beautify some wool, you’ll need to use dye. Not all dye is easy to find, some truly require a hunt. However, we know of exactly how to get one that should make that easier. Here’s how to get Green Dye in Minecraft.

Making Green Dye in Minecraft

As far as the various dyes in Minecraft, this one isn’t so bad.

How to Get Green Dye in Minecraft

  1. This is probably the most time intensive part of the search, but you will need to get to a desert biome.

  2. Once you have found one you will want to search for cacti, break any you find.

    How many you break is up to you, but the process of getting green dye is 1:1 so if its a big project, you’ll want plenty of cactus blocks.

    Minecraft Cacti in Desert Biome

  3. Take the cactus blocks dropped by the broken cacti to a furnace.

    Minecraft Furnace

  4. Using any type of fuel in the furnace, insert the cactus blocks to be smelted.

    Minecraft Furnace Cactus Blocks

  5. As the furnace fires up, the cactus blocks will be turned into pieces of green dye.

    As said, its a block to one piece of green ratio, so you might need more cacti but you can just repeat this process as long as you have enough fuel to work the furnace.

    Minecraft Furnace Green Dye Result

That’s everything you need to know when it comes to how to get Green Dye in Minecraft. We have also taken on other guides recently for other hard to find Minecraft items such as Scute, Diamonds, and Name Tags. Minecraft Legends also got a fun developer video recently that shared details on the upcoming spin-off.

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