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How to Get Scute in Minecraft

How to Get Scute in Minecraft

How to Get Scute in Minecraft

Sea turtles are cute.

Considering all of the content updates and changes there have been to Minecraft over the years, it’s not as easy to keep track of raw materials as it once was. If you’re trying to make your way through certain biomes and interact with animals, you’ll probably want to get your hands on Scute, and here’s how. We’ll also cover what crafting recipes require Scute.

Where to Find Scute in Minecraft

You will first want to get yourself to a beach biome, as it is where sea turtles spawn. You’ll need to find baby sea turtles as they will drop Scute when they mature into adults. This is the only guaranteed source of Scute. However, it is hard to farm Scute as each baby sea turtle only drops a single Scute when they mature.

Scute on Ground

It is rare but also possible to find villagers looking to trade Scute for Emeralds.

How to Craft Scute

It is not possible to craft Scute. Similar to frogspawn, it must be encountered in the wild and cannot be made otherwise. While it can’t be crafted, there are some recipes that do at least use this item.

Crafting Recipes With Scute

There is only one crafting recipe that requires Scute, and that is the Turtle Shell.

Turtle Shell Scute Crafting

As you can see, the Turtle Shell is a type of helmet armor that players can wear. It is crafted using the usual helmet pattern and will take five pieces of Scute to create.

That is everything you need to know to find Scute in Minecraft as well as what purpose it serves in crafting. If you’re looking for other helpful Minecraft guides, we can teach you about how to use coordinates.

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