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Caught a Vibe Meaning Explained

Caught a Vibe Meaning Explained

Caught a Vibe Meaning Explained

“Caught a Vibe” has been trending on TikTok and seems to have taken over the video-sharing app. But what does it mean?

Social media and the internet have witnessed an unparalleled boost, giving rise to new trends and catchphrases. “Caught a Vibe” lately has been trending a lot on TikTok and seems to have taken over the video-sharing application. If you have no clue what this means, then don’t worry, we got your back. Here’s what you need to know.

What Does Caught a Vibe Mean?

The internet has truly been a revolutionary invention and has changed how we interact and experience things. It even has its own lingo and it can get really hard to keep up with all the new nomenclature and trends. 

Caught a Vibe or to catch a vibe means you share or get what others are feeling in the moment, i.e., you pick up the feeling or understand the mood. For example, if you “caught a bad vibe about him,” you might think that the person is dubious or up to no good. Apart from this, there’s even a song that went viral on TikTok, featuring the lines “caught a vibe.”

The lyrics are from “Meet Me at Our Spot” by Willow Smith and Tyler Cole who, together, go by “The Anxiety.” Both the singers saw their popularity explode when a live performance of their song went viral on the app. The Anxiety performed a live version of the track back in September 2021, which has since been viewed by more than 67 million viewers since it was first uploaded on YouTube.

The song went viral when a bunch of creators started using the “caught a vibe” part of the song to accompany the “TikTok arm thing” move, in which the person moves their arms in ways that match the lyrics of the song. The majority of these moves relate directly to what Smith is singing about in the song. 

Here’s a paragraph of the track including the viral line:

“Caught a vibe Baby, are you coming for the ride? (The ride, the ride, the ride) I just wanna look into your eyes (your eyes, your eyes) I just wanna stay for the night, night, night When we take a drive Maybe we can hit the 405 Hypnotized by the lights Man, this must be the life.”

And that about does it for what caught a vibe means. As always, feel free to peruse the relevant links below, and make sure to keep it locked at Twinfinite for more news, tips, features, and guides.

Featured Image Source: Roc Nation

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