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When Does Dr. Stone: Ryusui Come Out?

Dr. Stone Special Episode

When Does Dr. Stone: Ryusui Come Out?

Embark on a new adventure in Dr. Stone: Ryusui.

The beloved anime, Dr. Stone, is finally returning with a special episode, Dr. Stone: Ryusui. This exciting new adventure tells the story of Ryusui Nanami, a talented sailor that Senku Ishigami revived. As the ship’s captain, Ryusui is on a mission to drill for oil (something uncommon in Japan.) If you want to know when this episode will release, here is when Dr. Stone: Ryusui comes out.

Dr. Stone Ryusui Special Episode Release Date

The 60-minute TV special will release on July 10, 2022. On top of this, Season 3 has also been confirmed to debut in 2023. So for those unfamiliar with Dr. Stone, don’t worry; we’ll catch you up.

Humanity has been turned to stone for thousands of years due to an unknown cause. The main protagonist, Senku, mysteriously awakens and is shocked by the state of the world. Luckily, his passion for science can be used to bring humanity back to life.

Senku’s childhood friend, Taiju Oki, awakens along with him. Together they hope to get rid of the stone curse and rebuild society to what it once was. This Dr. Stone: Ryusui anime special will be a continuation of this journey.

That’s everything you need to know about Dr. Stone: Ryusui’s release date. If you want to see more of the show, check out our quiz to see if you belong in the Kingdom of Science or Tsukasa Empire. Be sure to also explore the relevant links below for additional anime content.

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