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Was There a Goat Simulator 2? Answered

goat simulator 3

Was There a Goat Simulator 2? Answered

Did we skip a number?

During Summer Game Fest 2022, we got to see various trailers and announcements for some very exciting games, including the much anticipated Goat Simulator 3. But hold on, Goat Simulator 3? Was there even a Goat Simulator 2 before this? Here’s what you need to know.

Was There a Goat Simulator 2?

In short, no. There is no Goat Simulator 2. Coffee Stain Studios struck gold with the original Goat Simulator back in 2014, and that game was also announced with a trailer that parodied the iconic Dead Island trailer that was released shortly before then.

In keeping with the IP’s casual, tongue-in-cheek tone, the developers have decided to skip Goat Simulator 2 entirely and announced Goat Simulator 3 instead. It also seems fitting that the game was announced with a trailer that parodies the iconic Dead Island 2 cinematic reveal.

When Does Goat Simulator 3 Come Out?

Jokes aside, Goat Simulator 3 is a very real game, and it’s set to be released on PC via the Epic Games Store in fall 2022. The game doesn’t have an exact release date just yet, but we’ll keep you updated as more info comes our way.

That’s all you need to know about whether there was ever a Goat Simulator 2. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more new and information on the series, as well as our Summer Game Fest 2022 coverage and trailers.

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