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What Is a Daily Challenge in Iron Banner in Destiny 2?


What Is a Daily Challenge in Iron Banner in Destiny 2?

Iron Banner is a rotating PvP mode in Destiny 2 where players can earn new loot in the form of weapons and armor. For Season of the Haunted, the mode has introduced a new format, a new game mode, and some confusing terminology for players. One of the challenges this season is to finish a Daily Challenge, but the game does little when it comes to explaining what this actually is. In this guide, we will show you how to finish a Daily Challenge in Iron Banner.

How to Complete a Daily Challenge

Daily Challenges are actually straightforward to find if you know exactly where to look. If you go into your Director, the Crucible, and hover over the Iron Banner node, you will see the above pop-up. This will give you some details on the mode, and at the bottom, it will say “Challenges.”

Four challenges will populate here over the first four days of Iron Banner, and while it says “Weekly,” these are really Daily Challenges. You can finish the first one by playing three games of Iron Banner using either the Solar or Void subclass. And that’s it, doing exactly as the challenge requests will finish up the Daily Challenge and also wrap up the second step of the Forging Iron quest.

This is just another one of those occasions where Bungie seems to have made an error when considering how approachable the game can be. This is not an obvious thing to ascertain when most modes in the game will have challenges delivered via very different means, so it’s perfectly fine to have been confused about what they wanted you to realize.

After this, the next step in the quest is to earn Iron Banner Rank points, and you can once again do that simply by playing matches in the Iron Banner playlist. You don’t even need to win, all you have to do is finish up some games, and you will still gain rank.

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