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Stardew Valley: Where to Find Robin’s Lost Axe


Stardew Valley: Where to Find Robin’s Lost Axe

Stardew Valley Quests are great for earning rewards and building friendships with Villagers. There are two main quests to complete: Story and Help Wanted missions. Help Wanted ones change over time and can be found at Pierre’s Shop, while Story Quests are mailed directly to your house.

One Story Quest, in particular, is Robin’s Lost Axe, a task where you can help her find her favorite tool. Here is where you can find Robin’s Lost Axe in Stardew Valley.

Stardew Valley Robin’s Lost Axe Location

Robin’s Lost Axe quest can be unlocked on the 11th day of Spring, and the tool can be found on the southwest of the map. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of what you need to do to complete this request:

  1. Exit your house and go to your mailbox.

    Robin will only send this request on the 11th day of Spring, so make sure you do it at the right time.

    Mail Request from Robin

  2. Accept Robin’s Request.

    Once you open your mailbox, Robin’s letter explains how she needs help finding her Lost Axe, and the last time she saw it was at Marnie’s ranch. Additionally, there is a reward of 250g once you complete this request.

    Robin's Lost Axe Request

  3. Go to Cindersnap Forest.

    Head southwest to the location of the icon on this map. You can either go past the town or take a shortcut down if you’ve already created a path that leads there.

    Map of Stardew Valley

  4. Go across two wooden bridges.

    You are headed in the right direction if you see these bridges. After you’ve crossed them, continue heading south.

    Two wooden bridges

  5. Find the Lost Axe near the Sewer Entrance.

    Once you go across the bridges, it shouldn’t be long until you find Robin’s Lost Axe. Look around near the entrance to the sewers, and you’ll find the tool near some cliffs.

    Robin's Lost Axe location

  6. Head to the Carpenter’s House.

    Now that you have the Axe, it’s time to give it back to Robin. Head north to the Carpenter’s Shop where she resides. Robin’s home can be found on the icon located on this map:

    Carpenter's House Location

  7. Go inside Robin’s House.

    If you have finally reached the northeast of the map, you should see Robin’s House, as shown here:

    Robin's House

  8. Give Robin her Lost Axe.

    You’ll find her at the front desk inside the Carpenter’s House.

    Inside the Carpenter's House

  9. Earn the completion of the request.

    Now that you have finally given Robin her Axe back, a prompt of her thanking you should pop up, rewarding you with 250g.

    Robin thanking you

Now that you know where to find Robin’s Lost Axe in Stardew Valley, you’ll earn your reward and make room for more quests in the future. If you would like more Stardew Valley content, check out the relevant links below and keep up with all the latest news, guides, and features on Twinfinite.

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