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Is G2A a Safe & Legit Site for Game Codes?


Is G2A a Safe & Legit Site for Game Codes?

What you need to know about G2A

Wondering if G2A is a safe and legit site to purchase game codes from? In this guide, we’ll explain everything you need to know about using the site to buy discounted game codes for use on platforms like Steam and other digital storefronts.

Is G2A a Safe Site to Buy Game Codes From?

In terms of an actual website, G2A is safe enough to browse. The website and business operate according to all applicable laws and regulations in multiple jurisdictions (though exactly which jurisdictions isn’t made clear).

Are Game Codes on G2A Legit?

G2A claims that “G2A is legal in all aspects and those low prices are low for a reason. G2A is just a platform that allows its users to run CD-key stores.”

Any user can create a CD-key store. But, in G2A’s words “a key put on sale at a drastically reduced price” would be caught during the vetting process and consequently banned.”

G2A itself recommends only buying game codes from verified sellers with a good amount of other customer feedback.

If you want an extra layer of security, we’d recommend using PayPal. As the payment platform has its own security and scam protection guarantees, if you do find your purchased game code from G2A doesn’t work, you can claim a refund through the platform.

We’d also recommend taking a look at the reviews over on independent review site Trustpilot, where users are noting in their thousands that they’ve been scammed with codes that didn’t work or were revoked shortly after redeeming them. Or you can check out a Reddit thread where people have voiced their not-so-great experiences using G2A.

That’s everything you need to know on whether or not G2A is a safe and legitimate site to buy games from.

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