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Tunic: Hero’s Grave Locations & How They Work


Tunic: Hero’s Grave Locations & How They Work

Hero’s Graves are one of Tunic’s many mysteries. They harbor special items that you’d use to upgrade your various stats to help you take on tougher enemies, but these are always just out of reach of the paths they warp you to. In this guide, we’ll be explaining where to find all Hero’s Grave locations in Tunic, and how you’re supposed to get those items.

Due to the nature of Hero’s Graves, this guide is filled with spoilers for your adventure in Tunic. If you’d like to avoid spoilers, turn back now.


How to Get the Items at Hero’s Graves

When you first encounter these graves in the world, you’ll likely visit them, only to find yourself stumped on how you’re supposed to get the items just out of reach on the platforms at the end of the path you’re warped onto.

How you get these will eventually become clear once you progress through the game and have collected all of the colored keys.

To keep things vague enough, you’ll eventually get an ability that allows you to traverse small gaps around the world. This is also the way you’ll be able to reach instruction pages and treasure chests littered around the world that were previously unreachable.

Where to Find All Hero’s Graves in Tunic & How to Reach Them

Page 23 of the instruction manual actually gives you clues as to where each of the six Hero’s Graves are, but following the events after you’ve obtained the three colored keys, you’ll find the normal routes you’d use to reach them have been blocked off.

tunic hero's grave locations clues

The Swamp Hero’s Grave Location (Stamina)

After waking up on the beach again, you’ll need to visit the spirit bridge now accessible in the very bottom right-hand corner of the map.

Make your way east through the swamp and old burying ground into the building to the north by climbing the hills on the right. Watch out for the invisible ghost enemies lurking in the graveyard!

After taking on the crows and other skeleton enemies on this upper level, work your way back around to the left, and you’ll reach the entrance to the cathedral. Make your way through the puzzles and boss fight in here.

Once you’ve beaten the boss battle inside, you’ll now have the ability to warp dodge so you can navigate small gaps around the world. Use this newfound ability to dash over the platforms to the south of the arena you fought the waves of enemies in.

After exiting the cathedral, look for the wooden ladder to climb up and reach the Hero’s Grave.

tunic hero's grave locations

By obtaining this, you’ll boost your Stamina gauge up massively, perfect for using your newfound warp dodge ability.

East Forest Hero’s Grave Location (Attack)

Arguably the most difficult Hero’s Grave to reach once you’ve awoken on the beach for the second time. For this, you need to use one of the golden portal plates to get to the warp hub area.

From here, you should now see a path to the bottom right of the main platform that you can dash over to. Do this and follow the path as it winds its way right to another portal.

Press A on this to be warped to the East Forest. Now it’s simply a case of returning to where you first picked up the sword at the start of the game to find the Hero’s Grave here.

tunic east forest hero's grave location

This will get you the Attack Power-Up item.

Cathedral Hero’s Grave Location (Mushroom/ MP)

Head back to the hub world and use the bottom right portal here to return to the Cathedral where you fought the Librarian boss at the very top.

tunic hero's grave locations

From where you spawn in at the Cathedral, dash through the wall and down the pile of books, climbing down a ladder and then another round the side of the building until you enter a room with two suits of armor in.

These will come to life as you get closer to them and try and fight you, but you can make it easier by staying away from one until you’ve defeated the other to take them on one at a time.

tunic hero's grave locations

After beating both of them, you can use the spiral staircase to reach the Hero’s Grave inside the Cathedral and get the MP Power-Up.

Monastery Hero’s Grave Location (Potion)

For this one, you need to head to the Quarry in the very north of the map, past the mountain door. Equip the Scavenger’s Mask and then make your way into the Monastery — the building with the pillars by the Site of Grace in the water, and where you also first found the Scavenger’s Mask.

Dash your way past the toxic purple stuff until you reach the end of the room. Once you’re here, an enemy will spawn out of the purple gunk covering the end of the room. Defeat it, and this will clear the purple goo, revealing the Monastery Hero’s Grave.

tunic hero's grave locations

This will get you the Potion power-up, making your healing flasks even more effective.

West Garden Hero’s Grave Location (Defense)

Spawn in at the main overworld portal, using the middle right gold portal in the hub. From here, go down the ramp to your left, past the doorway to the house, and then down the stairs just before where the instruction page was on the island in the water.

Head left, past three skulls on the floor, and use your dash at the bottom of the ramp where the treasure chest is to make your way to the other side of the waterfall.

Follow the glowing purple line into the building, and then dash across to the exit on the left-hand side.

tunic hero's grave locations

Now follow the path until you reach part of the golden monument in the water, and dash onto it and then onto the land just south.

Head up the stairs and you’ll reach the next of the Tunic Hero’s Grave locations in the West Garden.

tunic hero's grave locations

This will grant you the Defense power-up.

Eastern Vault Hero’s Grave Location (HP)

Finally, use one of the gold portals to return to the warp hub, and then use the upper right-hand portal here to find yourself back in the Eastern Vault, just next to where you fought the Siege Engine.

Head down the stairs here and out of the room into the courtyard area.

Make your way northeast, and down the winding path past the various pots to find the Hero’s Grave at the very end.

Be warned, though, cavity monsters will come out of the water and ambush you. Quickly take care of them before trying to interact with the Hero’s Grave or they’ll just get in the way.

tunic hero's grave locations

This is the sixth and final Hero’s Grave power-up you’ll need to get, giving you a hefty boost to your health bar.

There you have all Tunic Hero’s Grave Locations and how they work. For more tips, tricks and guides, be sure to search for Twinfinite, or see more of our coverage on the game below.

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