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Elden Ring: How to Beat Mohg, Lord of Blood

Elden Ring How to Beat Mohg, Lord of Blood

Elden Ring: How to Beat Mohg, Lord of Blood

Best the Lord of Blood with a little help.

Tough fights and even tougher enemies are the norms in any of FromSoftware‘s games, and Elden Ring is not an exception. But for the hardiest of players, seeking out the optional bosses in the game is what it is all about. If you are looking to prove your might against one of the game’s secret foes, here is our guide on how to beat the Mohg, Lord of Blood in Elden Ring.

How to Beat Mohg, Lord of Blood in Elden Ring

Needless to say, with a title like that, you need to be ready to defend yourself against blood loss when fighting Mohg in Elden Ring.

Phase 1

Image from Boss Fight Database

As a challenge, Mohg possesses both ranged and melee attacks that hurt plenty and is best if you can avoid them. He can execute a melee combo consisting of two swings, followed by a lunge, or unleash an area-of-effect explosion after a slash.

If you are at range, Mohg will create blood pools around the arena that will ignite, standing in the flames causes both damage as well as increase your blood loss meter. In an annoying move, the boss can also cast a spell that sees several blood rings surround your character. If three rings are stacked, he is able to use an ability to deal high damage while healing himself. Be sure to have some flasks handy when that happens.

Knowing all of Mohg’s moves will allow you to dodge them and get in some attacks of your own. As usual, be conservative and do not get greedy. Deal damage as and when you can, and try to keep out of danger to conserve your flasks. Should you see the blood rings ability coming, you can also negate all the damage with a Wonderous Physick containing the Purifying Crystal tear, which protects you from all damage. Using this will keep you safe, and you are free to attack Mohg as he channels the ability.

Phase 2

Image from Boss Fight Database

For the second phase of the Mohg fight in Elden Ring, which occurs when he has 50% of his health left, he will add some new moves to his repertoire. Players will have to look out for melee attacks that leave damaging trails of blood, or prepare to charge at you. If you see him setting up, be sure to dodge and avoid the high damage. Another way Mohg can cause damage is by floating in the air and spraying blood in an arc, again, avoid the attacks at all costs.

Whenever possible, attack in between Mohg’s missed attacks, and if he is floating, use your ranged abilities to damage him from a distance. By keeping yourself healthy and safe, you should be able to bring down the Lord of Blood in no time.

That is all there is to it when it comes to learning about how to beat the Mohg, Lord of Blood in Elden Ring. Be sure to also check out our guide wiki to learn more important details about the game, including the list of all bosses in the game, upgrading your Spirit Ashes summons, and getting to Nokron, the Eternal City.

If there are any questions that you might have that are not answered, please leave them in the comments below and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

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