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Lost Ark: How to Get Money (Shillings) Fast

lost ark shillings

Lost Ark: How to Get Money (Shillings) Fast

Developed by Smilegate RPG and published by Amazon Game Studios in English-speaking territories, Lost Ark is a popular MMOARPG that takes a bit of inspiration from popular ARPGs like Diablo and offers players the chance to play together and grind for better loot. The world of Arkesia is huge with tons of dungeons to explore, and lots of activities to take part in and you’re able to respec your character whenever you want, so you’re never stuck with a set build. Here’s how to get money, or Shillings as it’s referred to in-game, fast in Lost Ark.

Shillings are the main type of currency you’ll be using in Lost Ark. There are a few other different types of currencies in the game like Gold, Pirate Coins, and Blue Crystals, but those will only come into play later in the game.

Lost Ark Shillings are used to repair gear, purchase items, and fast travel, so you’ll be using these pretty much the entire time.

Getting Money (Shillings) Fast in Lost Ark

  1. The most common way of getting Shillings is just by completing quests.

    The story quests will reward you with tons of experience points and Shillings, and we also recommend grabbing any side quests you see along the way. The side quests are easy to complete and they’re usually on the way to your next main destination, so there’s no reason not to pick them up. Grab all the quests and turn them in, and you’ll find yourself loaded with tens of thousands of Shillings in no time at all.

    lost ark shillings

  2. Sell all your unwanted items and gear.

    Lost Ark is pretty generous with giving you loot, especially while you’re working your way through the story. This means that you’ll constantly be replacing your gear, and your inventory will fill up very quickly. Whenever you’re in a town or camp, sell your outdated gear for Lost Ark Shillings. That stuff adds up fast.

  3. Defeat enemies and clear dungeons.

    Finally, you’ll be dungeon-diving a ton in this game, and just the act of killing enemies and clearing dungeons will also reward you with a ton of money and even more loot. As long as you’re not actively avoiding combat and dungeons, you should never run out of money.

If you’re keeping up with all your side quests and dungeons, Lost Ark Shillings shouldn’t be much of a problem on your adventure. If you do find yourself strapped for cash, consider running a few dungeons and clearing out your inventory of outdated items.

That’s all you need to know about how to get Shillings fast in Lost Ark. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more tips and information on the game.

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