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Horizon Forbidden West: How to Use the Pullcaster

Horizon Forbidden West How to Use the Pullcaster

Horizon Forbidden West: How to Use the Pullcaster

Navigate around with ease using the Pullcaster

When it comes to Horizon Forbidden West, it is clear that Guerrilla Games has the action part down pat. However, there are also certain parts of the game that are more about puzzles and platforming, and that is where the new Pullcaster tool comes into play. Whether it is to progress through a particular section of the game or to reach an out-of-reach box of valuables, here is how to use the Pullcaster in Horizon Forbidden West.

Aloy gets a hold of the Pullcaster very early on in the game, but its purpose will always come in handy throughout your adventures later on. Its main use is to help our heroine get to higher heights using certain anchor points, and also to pull at certain objects with blue elements. This can be vents, beams and bars, and even boxes.

This will enable players to find new routes to navigate, as well as unlock certain secrets at plenty of locations in the West.

Using the Pullcaster in Horizon Forbidden West

  1. Hold down L2 to aim.

  2. Press Triangle to change to the Pullcaster. When properly aimed, the reticle becomes tighter.

  3. Hold down R2 to fire the Pullcaster and keep Aloy pulling.

  4. For reaching heights at pace, spot an anchor point, and press X after jumping.

Be sure to always keep a sharp eye out for such objects, as they can be key to helping you get past some of the puzzle sections of the game. At the very least, you can get some valuables to help in your adventure.

That is everything you need to know about how to use the Pullcaster in Horizon Forbidden West. For even more tips and tricks on the rest of the game, including how to break sunken barriers, what to do with Metal Flowers, or things to do first, be sure to check out our Guide Wiki for the game. Be sure to also check out the related content below.

If you have any other questions that are not answered, please leave them in the comments below so we can get to them.

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