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Horizon Forbidden West: What Metal Flowers Do & How to ‘Destroy’ Them

horizon forbidden west metal flowers

Horizon Forbidden West: What Metal Flowers Do & How to ‘Destroy’ Them

As you explore the world of Horizon Forbidden West, you’re occasionally going to come across objects or areas that you can’t access immediately. One of these items are Metal Flowers, which also appeared in the first game. In the Forbidden West, however, the way in which you’ll interact with them has changed slightly, forgoing their previous use as a mere collectible in Horizon Zero Dawn. Here’s how to destroy Metal Flowers in Horizon Forbidden West.

What Do Metal Flowers Do?

As noted above, Metal Flowers are no longer just collectibles in Horizon Forbidden West. This time around, you’ll need to actually destroy them, or more specifically, you’ll need to interact with them with a special bit of equipment in order to dissolve the vines surrounding them.

This often reveals a handy cache of crafting materials or items you can sell for extra Metal Shards, or will unblock a path for you to continue on your quest.

How to Destroy Metal Flowers in Horizon Forbidden West

  1. To destroy Metal Flowers, you’ll need to get the Vine Cutter upgrade for Aloy’s spear.

    This is obtained during the ‘Seeds of the Past’ quest. This is a main story quest, so you can’t really miss it, but you won’t be able to do anything with Metal Flowers until you’ve reached this quest. It has a recommended level of 24.

    Horizon Forbidden West Vine Cutter, Metal Flowers

  2. Once you’ve got the Vine Cutter installed on Aloy’s spear, you need to press R1 to attack the Metal Flower a couple of times.

  3. When it’s fully opened, press and hold R1 to install the Vine Cutter module.

    Doing so will destroy the vines surrounding it, revealing the reward for your efforts.

That’s everything you need to know on how to destroy Metal Flowers. Our Horizon Forbidden West wiki has plenty more tips and tricks to help you and Aloy on your quest through Tenakth territory. Be sure to head on over to it, or see more of our coverage on the game below.

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