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Dying Light 2: Is There New Game Plus? Answered

New Game Plus in Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2: Is There New Game Plus? Answered

Anyone who has already played Dying Light 2 can easily tell how much more of an RPG this game is over its predecessor. This leads to questions on just how many RPG mechanics are borrowed from the popular pool. Well, we’re here today to answer if there is New Game Plus in Dying Light 2.

Is There New Game Plus in Dying Light 2?

Everyone has surely heard that there can possibly be up to 500 hours of content in Dying Light 2. It’s also a guarantee you aren’t going to be at your best the entire length of that. Nothing is more enjoyable in an RPG than going back through New Game Plus with high-end gear and decimating what once might have caused you to struggle.

With that said it is unfortunate that there isn’t an option for New Game Plus in Dying Light 2. This isn’t to say that it can’t or won’t be added in their announced five years of DLC, but at present, you only get a single playthrough unless you want to start a new game.

The area this might cause the most trouble is when it comes to achievements and trophies. If you look at the list here, you’ll notice there are two separate trophies for maxing out health and stamina, and you can’t do both in a single playthrough. Other than that, every other trophy can be obtained in a single playthrough.

Well, Pilgrims, that is all there is to share when it comes to New Game Plus in Dying Light 2.

For more Dying Light 2 guides, check out our collected Guide Wiki. For a couple of guides beginners might want to look at, there is how to both heal and increase your health and the use for those infected trophies you keep finding.

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