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5 Sifu Mods Everyone Needs to Try Out

5 Sifu Mods Everyone Needs to Try Out

5 Sifu Mods Everyone Needs to Try Out

Sifu, but made even more fun with the help of mods!

With Sloclap surprising everyone with the stylish and challenging martial arts brawler Sifu, chances are, players are already looking for even more ways to prolong the enjoyment of the game. While it is definitely tough as nails, the game is not that long, but with the power of mods, you can certainly enjoy Sifu with a new coat of paint. It is time to look at some of the best Sifu mods everyone needs to try.

As usual, the mods are all sourced from the good folks over at NexusMods. If you need to get them to work, be sure to read all of the helpful instructions so you do not end up wrecking your game. With that out of the way, let’s dive right in.


5 Sifu Mods Everyone Needs to Try Out - Sifun

An excellent way to make Sifu, well, more fun for the player, the Sifun mod will give players a better view of the environment by implementing the field of view and camera distance both in and outside of combat. On the gameplay side, players will have 50% more health, regain more health from eliminations and takedowns, while movement is 25% faster. All of this contributes to allowing Sifu to shine even more and make it more forgiving for beginners.

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