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Deathloop Endings Guide: How to Get All Endings (Spoilers)

deathloop endings

Deathloop Endings Guide: How to Get All Endings (Spoilers)

***The following guide contains MAJOR spoilers for the ending of Deathloop. If you haven’t finished the game yourself and want to avoid getting any of the ending spoiled, come back when you’ve completed the game at least once.***

Deathloop’s story reaches a crescendo as Colt confronts Julianna after having learned her true identity and her hiding place outside the confines of Blackreef. Once you have taken the Rakyetoplan and crashlanded at her whereabouts a cutscene will play out in which Julianna proposes she and Colt determine how to proceed. You’re then faced with a choice that shapes the final outcome of the story, but the game isn’t particularly clear on how to orchestrate the ending according to your preference so here’s a Deathloop endings guide that explains how to get all endings.

How to Get All Deathloop Endings

There are three different endings in Deathloop, each of which will trigger depending on which action you take after Julianna presents you with a vintage pistol. These are as follows:

  • Break the Loop
  • Stay in the Loop without Julianna
  • Stay in the Loop with Julianna

Break the Loop

If your intention is to break the loop and end the shenanigans at Blackreef once and for all then you’ll want to kill Julianna (shoot by pressing the R2 button), and then kill yourself by jumping off the edge of the platform you’re both standing on. This will result in an ending that sees Colt wake up on the beach one final time with Julianna standing over him and pointing a gun to his head. She’s not best pleased…

The loop is broken, but it’s left to your imagination as to whether Julianna and Colt remain as friends or now-mortal enemies.

Stay in the Loop Without Julianna

If you want to break Julianna free of the loop but envision Colt continuing his hunt of the Visionaries in an endless cycle on his own, then shoot Julianna but instead of jumping off the platform go and sit in the chair. Colt will then wake up on the beach and start a new day hunting the visionaries with no Julianna to be seen.

Stay in the Loop With Julianna

Your third Deathloop ending option is to remain in the loop with Julianna and live out your lives in an endless cycle together. To achieve this ending all you need to do is call Julianna’s bluff and not shoot after the count down. She won’t either, and you’ll both decide to live together after waking up on the beach the next morning.

This ending actually yields some post-credits dialog, which perhaps suggests Arkane sees it as the ‘true,’ canonical ending.

That’s everything you need to know about our Deathloop endings guide that explains how to get all endings in the game. For more tips, tricks and guides, head over to our wiki, or see more of our coverage below.

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