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New World: How to Unstick Yourself from Environment


New World: How to Unstick Yourself from Environment

New World’s island of Aeternum is a bustling one, filled with other players going about completing quests, taking down corrupted enemies, and exploring every nook and cranny they can get themselves into. Of course, sometimes accidents happen, and you can end up getting stuck in the environment, unable to move. No matter how much you jump or what direction you move in, you can’t escape the clutches of your surroundings. If you’re out of Gold, too, you’ll be unable to fast travel. Here’s how to unstick yourself in New World.

How to Use ‘Unstuck’ in New World

Fortunately, Amazon Games have got your back with this.

By pressing ‘Esc’ to open the menu, and then selecting ‘Game Menu’ from the top right-hand corner of the screen, you can choose the ‘Unstuck’ option.

new world unstuck

If you get yourself stuck between rocks or in a building, when you click New World’s ‘Unstuck’ option, you’ll fast travel just a little bit further away from your current location.

how to unstick in new world

Using this option doesn’t cost you any Gold, and simply moves you slightly further away from where you were stuck, meaning you won’t have retrace your steps to get back to where you were on your way to get to.

It’s a handy little mechanic, and hopefully you won’t have to use it too often, but at least you know you’ve got this option if you do find yourself in a sticky spot, pardon the pun!

That’s everything you need to know on how to unstick yourself from the environment in New World. For more tips and tricks, check out our wiki, or for more coverage on the game, click the links below.

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