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New World: How to Get a Rapier


New World: How to Get a Rapier

New World is a pirate-themed MMORPG developed and published by Amazon Games, and it’s set in a world called Aeturnum. Players will be able to join a faction, take part in wars against other factions and try to claim territory, and level up all sorts of skills along the way. The game also features quite a few weapon types, and you can try them all to see which one you like best. Here’s how to get a Rapier in New World.

The Rapier is one of the basic weapon types in New World, and it’s becoming quite a popular choice among players. It allows you to stab enemies and do piercing damage, and the weapon skills you unlock for it can let you inflict the bleed status effect on your foes too. It can be pretty deadly once you master it.

Getting a Rapier in New World

While the Rapier isn’t immediately available at the start of the game, you can craft it yourself once you reach the first settlement and go through the main quests that familiarize you with the various crafting stations.

new world rapier

The materials you need to craft an Iron Rapier are:

  • 7 Iron Ingots
  • 2 Timber
  • 1 Coarse Leather

You’ll need to use the Forge crafting station to craft it. The iron ingots are a little tricky to find if you don’t know where to look, but you can check out our guide here to get an idea of where they spawn in the world. Timber can be obtained by chopping down trees, and converting the green wood, while coarse leather is obtained by using the Tannery and converting the rawhide you got from skinning wild animals.

You can also add Azoth and your special resources to try to roll perks for the weapon, but if you’re just getting started in the game, this isn’t necessary at all.

That’s all you need to know about how to get a Rapier in New World. Be sure to check our guide wiki for more tips and information on the game.

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