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New World: How to Get Petrified Wood

new world petrified wood

New World: How to Get Petrified Wood

New World Petrified Wood is the talk of Aeternum right now, and not for a good reason. Despite only being an uncommon drop, players are having a seriously hard time getting their hands on the stuff. In this guide, we’ll run you through everything you need to know on how to get Petrified Wood in New World, including whether or not it’s actually just completely bugged in-game right now.

Getting Petrified Wood in New World

Petrified Wood is obtained by harvesting both Young Trees and Mature Trees in New World.

At least, that’s what the game claims. Unfortunately, a number of players have said that after chopping down countless Young and Mature trees, they’ve not had a single drop of the stuff.

Players on Reddit have suggested that you can get Petrified Wood from chopping down Dead Trees. These are the ones lying on the floor, though from our experience, this isn’t a surefire way to get it either.

What is clear is that you’ll need to increase your “Luck.” There are “luck” consumables you can equip and you’ll improve your luck by improving your Logging skill by chopping down more and more trees.

Increasing Logging Luck

Your Logging Luck can be improved by crafting a Logging Axe with the ‘Starmetal Lumberjack’s Charm’ while Crafting. This can grant you a 9.3% chance of finding rare items while logging.

Players have also noted that certain foods that you can craft can also boost your luck, and wearing different equipment sets also boost luck.

The other option is to hang Logging Trophies in your home. We’ve listed all of them below, including what ingredients you’ll need to craft them, and the % increase to your Logging Luck bonus they grant.

  • Minor Logging Gathering Trophy: +5% – 25 Lumber, 20 Steel Ingot, 1 Maple Stain, 25 Air Mote
  • Basic Logging Gathering Trophy: +10% – 25 Wyrdwood Planks, 20 Starmetal Ingot, 1 Oak Stain, 1 Lumberjack’s Token
  • Major Logging Gathering Trophy: +15% – 25 Ironwood Planks, 20 Orichalcum Ingots, 1 Mahogany Stain, 1 Pure Resin

Using all of these methods of improving your Logging Luck will grant you a far better chance of getting New World Petrified Wood when chopping down Young and Mature Trees.

Is Petrified Wood Bugged?

At the moment, there’s no confirmation from Amazon Games on whether or not New World Petrified Wood is bugged, but given that it’s an uncommon crafting material, it’s incredibly rare and doesn’t seem to be dropping at the rate it really should.

Given that you’ll need this for many of the game’s uncommon weapons, such a scarcity of the stuff does seem to point towards either Petrified Wood being bugged, or that Amazon have just got the drop rates on this one really wrong.

With a bit of luck, this should be fixed in the coming days and Petrified Wood will be far more frequently dropped.

That’s everything you need to know about New World Petrified Wood. For more tips, tricks and guides, head over to our wiki, or see more of our coverage on the game below.

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