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Destiny 2: How to Get Ager’s Scepter (Full Exotic Quest Guide)

how to get agers scepter destiny 2

Destiny 2: How to Get Ager’s Scepter (Full Exotic Quest Guide)

The complete exotic quest for Ager’s Scepter has finally trickled its way into Destiny 2 as of Season of the Lost. It may not last once The Witch Queen arrives, so if you want the easy way to get this powerful exotic Stasis Trace Rifle, read on below and make sure you get this exotic quest done as soon as possible. Here are all the steps you need to follow to get Ager’s Scepter in Destiny 2.

How to Get Ager’s Scepter in Destiny 2

Step 1. Start the Quest

First things first, get started on Season of the Lost content by viewing the opening cutscenes, visiting the Awoken on the HELM, etc. It’s impossible to miss out on at least getting the quest started as long as you just follow through on completing the introductory story quests for Season of the Lost. You’ll be tasked with looking for Atlas Skews.

Step 2. Collect All the Atlas Skews

There are four main locations where you’ll need to collect Atlas Skews, five in each area. Below we have a guide for each location. Follow along with each guide starting with Week 1 (assuming you’re starting from the beginning, otherwise, click whichever one you’re on) and you’ll move past this step and unlock the exotic quest proper: A Hollow Coronation.

Step 3. Collect Parralax Trajectory and Get “Rifle” Kills in Astral Allignment

This step is quite easy, if not just a little grindy. All you need to do is collect 100 Parralax Trajectory which is an extremely easy task completed by simply finding a few anchors in the EDZ (or wherever anchors are currently present and then get rifle kills in Astral Alignment.

You can use any weapon that has “Rifle” in the name. Fusions and Auto Rifles are probably your best bet, just make sure you’re doing this in Astral Alignment or it won’t’ count.

Step 4. Defeat Champions and Get Super Kills

Next, you’ll be staying in Astral Alignment and defeating champions and getting kills with your super. Again, very easy just a bit grindy. You should be able to complete this step pretty easily by just doing 1-3 runs of Astral Alignment. Just make sure to equip your best enemy clearing super.

Step 5. Collect Strands of Nobility by Completing Disgraced, Glassway and Lake of Shadows Strikes

This one will take a bit of time but is not difficult to complete. You just need to complete each of the three strikes once.

Don’t try and wait for them to come up in the Strike playlist (unless you want to just knock out your weekly and hope they pop up. Instead, if you’re trying to complete the Ager’s Scepter exotic quest quickly, just queue into them directly from the director.

Step 6. Return to Mara & Complete Hollow Coronation Using Ager’s Scepter

Finally, all you need to do is return to Mara on the helm. debrief, and then queue up for the final version of the Hollow Coronation mission on the HELM. You’ll receive a version of Ager’s Scepter that you can use to clear out a fairly simple combat mission.

Complete the mission and you’ll receive the permanent version of Ager’s Scepter, a powerful Stasis Trace Rifle excellent for clearing out groups of enemies with its Stasis spreading perks. Enjoy!

That’s all you need to know for how to get Ager’s Scepter in Destiny 2. For the rest of our Destiny 2 content, including Season of the Lost and the latest on The Witch Queen expansion, browse our most recent articles right here.

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