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The Best Life Is Strange Games, All 4 Ranked


The Best Life Is Strange Games, All 4 Ranked

Today marks the release of Life Is Strange: True Colors, following the story of Alex Chen as she tries to uncover the mysterious details surrounding her brother’s death. With a fourth release in the series, we took the time to decide once and for all, the best Life Is Strange games. As such, you can find our ranking of all four games from worst to best below.

Don’t agree with our ranking? Join in the discussion in the comments below and let us know your reasoning. Let’s keep it civil, though. That’d be hella cool.

4. Life Is Strange 2

Best Life Is Strange Games, Ranked

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Let us get this out of the way from the off. Life Is Strange 2 wasn’t a bad game. It just didn’t quite hit the mark following the original game and the prequel spin-off, Before the Storm.

Sean and Daniel’s adventure took the form of a road trip, deviating from the series’ focus on a particular small town locale somewhere in the U.S. of A. After their father was killed by a cop, and younger sibling Daniel freaks out, unleashing a telekinetic blast launching the cop cars (and cops) flying, the two must go on the run, heading for the Mexican border to live with family there. Of course, the journey is more important than the destination here, with the pair meeting all kinds of weird and wonderful characters along the way while Daniel tries to get to grips with his newfound powers.

As cool as Daniel’s telekinesis power sounds on paper, though, it didn’t really do much for the gameplay. It always felt a bit like a gimmick, and honestly, Daniel got slightly annoying after a while. I know, I know, that was the whole point. We weren’t in control of him or his powers and the relationship dynamics between the brothers was at the heart of the story, but it just didn’t resonate with us in the same way Max, Chloe, or Alex’s adventures did in the other games.

Add into that a dashing of weak writing and some disappointing ‘touch choices’ to make and Life Is Strange 2 ends up at the bottom of our list. But hey, at least we got to meet some great characters along the way. Cassidy and Lyla returning when?

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