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5 Life is Strange Characters That Deserve More Screen Time


5 Life is Strange Characters That Deserve More Screen Time

With the release of Life Is Strange: True Colors, developer Deck Nine took the opportunity to bring Steph Gingrich back into the spotlight. Having originally featured in Deck Nine’s first outing in the series, Before the Storm, Steph becomes one of the main characters in Alex Chen’s adventure around Haven Springs.

That got us thinking about other Life Is Strange characters we’d love to see return in future games in the series, so we can learn more about them and see how they’ve developed as characters. Let us know in the comment section below which ones you’d like to see get a little more screentime in the future as well.

Nathan Prescott

life is strange characters we've love to see return, nathan prescott

Nathan Prescott is one of the most fascinating and complex characters in the Life Is Strange series. While he’s basically an asshole for your entire playthrough of the first game and is responsible for Chloe’s death (if you choose to go for that canon ending), there’s more to him than simply being a spoiled brat.

Not only is it suggested through Nathan is mentally unstable, suffering from anxiety, paranoia, and bipolar disorder — implied by the pills found in his dorm room and locker in the original game, he’s also under a severe amount of pressure from his father.

It’s this that is most intriguing about Nathan. Would he suffer so much from his mental illnesses had his father been more supportive and put less pressure on him? In Before the Storm, Samantha Myers believes he’s actually an okay guy, being sensitive and creative in his best moments.

While we get some closure regarding Nathan’s fate in Life Is Strange 2 — David Madsen has his mugshot if Chloe was killed by him in the first game, and can be heard saying he hopes “they never let him out” — there are still question marks to be raised over exactly what Nathan’s more personal life looks like. Not to mention just how much of a part did he play in Rachel Amber’s death?

Though a game focusing on Nathan as the protagonist seems unlikely given his strong antagonistic qualities, a game that features him as a main character during his early years, that gives us an insight into his development as a child and a young man, could certainly help answer some questions.

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