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6 Nintendo Direct Announcements We’re Dying to See


6 Nintendo Direct Announcements We’re Dying to See

The next Nintendo Direct was announced this morning, and we’ll be getting about 40 minutes of game trailers tomorrow. There tends to be a Nintendo presentation of some sort each September, whether it’s a main Direct, third-party showcase, or focused on a specific game or series.

September is an important time for Directs like this one in order to showcase upcoming games for the rest of the year and beyond. This time, Nintendo stated that the presentation will focus mainly on games releasing this winter, which can mean games launching through February or March of 2022.

Of course, sometimes Nintendo likes to surprise us with announcements for games that will be releasing beyond those dates as well. It can be difficult to predict what they’ll show this time around, but here are some of the announcements we hope to see during the Direct tomorrow.

Huge Nintendo Switch Online Update

Nintendo Direct Announcements We’re Dying to See

nintendo switch online, nintendo direct

Rumors have been swirling about a new update to Nintendo Switch Online, and for good reason: typically, Nintendo tends to update their online service with new features around September or October when most people’s memberships are about to expire.

Fans have been begging for an additional classic console to be added to the service since the SNES was added a few years ago. It could truly be a Netflix streaming-like service if Nintendo wanted it to be; they have one of the biggest back catalogs in gaming, yet it’s pretty underutilized right now.

It would be great to see more systems added to NSO, such as Game Boy/Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, or Nintendo 64. We’d love it if these would be added to the current subscription service, but if they introduced a premium model at a higher price, we’d probably still buy into it. We just want Nintendo to give us an easy way to play some of its greatest games.

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