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Madden NFL 22: Stud Finder Achievement Guide

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Madden NFL 22: Stud Finder Achievement Guide

Stud Finder is one of many achievements in Madden NFL 22 that relate to offseason deals and drafts. This achievement in particular requires you to draft a rookie with a hidden development trait. Development traits in Madden are simply development levels above normal development, including star development, superstar development, and superstar X-factor development. This guide will provide you with everything you need to know to get the Stud Finder achievement in Madden NFL 22.

How to Unlock Stud Finder in Madden NFL 22

From the main menu, load up Franchise Mode and create a new league. Select the bottom right option, Use Active Roster, under the offline options. Whether you are using the standard roster or a custom roster doesn’t matter. Select any team of your choice and select Start Playing. Then, you’re going to want to sim to the draft. To do this, press Advance Week, then choose Sim to Draft and Sim Ahead.

It will take a minute to complete the simulation, but once it’s done, you want to create a save point, as you’re going to be reverting to it shortly. Press in the right stick and create a new save, then press Start the NFL Draft and Start Drafting.

Once you see which team has the number one overall pick in the draft, make a mental note of it, then you’re going to want to quit out and load the save.

Madden NFL 22 Justin Fields - "Stud Finder"

Back in Franchise Mode, go to Options and User Teams. Add a new character, then for the team, select whichever team had the first overall pick and press Start Playing. Make another save here as a backup. Press Start the NFL Draft again and choose to draft the #1 ranked player, whoever that may be.

Now it isn’t a guarantee that they will have a hidden dev trait, but they should. On the off chance that they don’t, that’s what your backup save is for, so you can just load it up and choose the next best player, and so on and so forth.

Time needed: 20 minutes.

How to unlock Stud Finder in Madden NFL 22:

  1. Create a new league in Franchise Mode using the active roster

  2. Sim to the week of the draft and make a save

  3. Start the draft and make a note of who has the first overall pick

  4. Reload your save and take control of that team, then make another save

  5. Draft the #1 ranked player. If you don’t unlock the achievement, reload the save and try the #2 player, and keep going until you find one with a high enough dev trait.

You’ll know they have a hidden dev trait right away, as the achievement will unlock right after you draft them. Stud Finder, like many of the game’s other achievements, will net you 40 Gamerscore if you’re playing on the Series X|S, or 50 Gamerscore on Xbox One.

With all of this information, you should know everything you need to unlock Stud Finder in Madden NFL 22. If you’d like to learn more about this game, be sure to search for our other guides on Twinfinite.

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